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Engineering Ability

It’s crucial for clients to make each investment decision, so customer's profits are always regarded as the first place in our work. Due to the strong technical support of EXCT in the field of bulk material handling business, we provide the satisfied advice for clients and help clients maximize their investment interests.
Engineering Consulting
Engineering consulting

EXCT provides global clients with consulting services including crushing and screening efficiency of scattered bulk materials and continuously conveying products. Tailor-made services for application: feasibility study, project proposal, environmental impact assessment, applying for government approval, site selection, technical comparison and economic analysis.
To solve clients' problems on complex project, whether fragmented bulk materials, continuosly conveying products or whole set system applied to various fields, we can provide you with our professional consulting services, and offer you the optimum advice of economic analysis, technical assessment and the selection of patent.
Engineering Design
Engineering design
Over the past 30 years, EXCT has completed hundreds of global clients’ design projects including mine, port, coal, power, metallurgy, building materials, chemical, food, municipal construction and other fields. We meet clients’ demands as our design principles, also put cost savings, additional value and sustainable development into our standards in design services.During the design process, EXCT set up a design group combining with many colleges and academic scientific research institutions, which not only applies for more than 30 traditional design professions, like civil engineering, electric engineering, instruments and equipment, but also for 3D design, constructability review, operability review, operation simulation, the quantitative risk analysis green deign and other modern fields.
Because of the advanced network and software technology, EXCT has achieved a coordinating integration among engineering, procurement, construction and project management, aiming to offer a much more clear, efficient, economical and reliable project to clients. Also EXCT can coordinate different design resources to resolve the complex project with an overall design principles and advanced IT technology

In addition to the strong manufacturing capacity, EXCT has a professional procurement team to provide clients with procurement, inspection, expediting, logistics, contract management and customs compliance etc. Our procurement team is highly integrated with the design and construction management department so as to ensure the project runs efficiently. Also with worldwide procurement supply network and a long-term relationship with suppliers, we will certainly maximize your investment interests.
Engineering construction & Commissioning
engineering construction & commissioning

As an expert in construction services, we provide professional construction and management services to clients in many fields. Whether a face-to-face meeting or a large-scale construction operation; whether in remote areas or complex construction environment, we will fulfill construction projects on schedule. On account of considering design, procurement and construction, EXCT combines construction methods and on-site environment with deep view and considerate thoughts which ensure the quality of construction and optimize construction time schedule meanwhile.
What’s more, with a huge database of construction subcontractor, EXCT ensure subcontractors have the best HSF performance in various business fields. EXCT always insists on adopting professional technical team to carry out the projects. At the same time, EXCT shares local people with job opportunities and work experiences to repay our success to society.
By convention, the owners has the responsibility of commissioning, however, EXCT can also offer the service to clients at the crucial project phrase. The service includes pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up and performance guarantees.
Considering the pre-commissioning and projects from the FEED phrase, EXCT combines the design review, constructability review and operability review. Also EXCT coordinates design contractors, suppliers, construction subcontractors and commissioning team to work together ensure the clients have the reliable service from us.

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