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Apron Feeders

Apron Feeders are designed and manufactured to handle heavy, lumpy and abrasive materials. Its main function is to prevent surge loads to primary crushers, belt conveyors and other equipment.
Apron Feeder consists of drive wheel device, tail wheel tension device,pan- chain device and transmission device. After the head sprocket is driven, the traction chain in the pan- chain device meshes with the sprocket to drive the entire pans to move along the longitudinal center-line and the roller travels along the track fixed on the frame, thereby completing work. The material discharged from the silo/hopper is transported along the conveying line to the front of the body for continuous and uniform feeding.
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Heavy-Duty Apron Feeder
Heavy-Duty Apron Feeder for Heilongjiang Duobaoshan Expansion Project
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apron feeder Component
apron feeder Component
main component DETAILS & FEATURES
apron feeder pan

apron feeder sprocket

According to different working conditions, we will choose the most suitable design to meet your requirements. For example, we use manganese pans to replace cast steel pans, with a longitudinal center rib, avoiding excessive deflections under high-impact loading and severely abrasive working conditons.

Sprocket design features three cast manganese alloy steel segments that allow replacement of one segment at a time, without needing to dismantle the feeder or remove the chain, pans, skirts and material on the feeder.
Rather than taking multiple shifts to change out the drive sprockets, the upgraded design allows a changeout in just hours. In addition, a half-tooth design with an odd number of teeth is used to allow contact with the chain during every second revolution, which doubles the life of the sprockets.
apron feeder chains

apron feeder roller

The track chain is used in our apron feeder, because the pin and bush are made of heat-treated alloy steel. To withstand greater weight, the chain link is made by drop forging, which can effectively prevent the external sands entering, thus, prolong the chain life.

Single flange tractor type rollers are mounted on support members in groups of 2 to 4 units to make disassembly and replacement easier.
apron feeder feature
1.Using 16Mn steel plate with high strength and stiffness, to withstand great impact.
2.Standard track chain, no lubrication or deviation, for interchangeability and long service life.
3.The sprocket material is made of high strength alloy steel and quenched, which has excellent wear resistance.
4.Equipped with composite spring on the tail part, which can effectively buffer the impact load of the chain.
5. Segmented drive sprockets, easy to maintain without removing the chain plate.
6.Traction chain and load chain are separated, so the dynamic load is small to achieve exteneding life.

apron feeder for coal

Project Name: Heilongjiang Duobaoshan Copper Co., Ltd. Phase II Expansion Project
Equipment Model: BL1600-11.0
Pan Width: 1,600mm
C-C Distance: 11,000mm
Angle of Installation: 0°
Handling Material: Prophyry Copper Mine
Handling Capacity: 2,000t/h
Customer Name: Heilongjiang Duobaoshan Copper Co., Ltd.


apron feeder

Project Name: Limestone crushing & screening system for Qinghai Construction Co.,Ltd.
Equipment Model: BL1800-6.0
Pan Width: 1,800mm
C-C Distance: 6,000mm
Angle of Installation: 12°
Handling Material: Limestone
Handling Capacity: 1,200t/h
Customer Name: Qinghai Construction Co.,Ltd.

Project Name: Coal crushing & screening & conveying project for Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Co., Ltd
Equipment Model: BL2400-9.0
Pan Width: 2,400mm
C-C Distance: 9,000mm
Angle of Installation: 10°
Handling Material: Coal Gangue
Handling Capacity: 2,500t/h
Customer Name: Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Co., Ltd
Apron Feeder Technical Specifications
Model Pan width
Max feeding size
BL800 800 0.01~0.25 350 / 50~350 2~15
BL1000 1000 0.01~0.25 470 1 100~510 3~20
BL1200 1200 0.01~0.2 650 1 120~595 3~20
BL1400 1400 0.01~0.2 680 2 140~850 6~20
BL1600 1600 0.01~0.2 700 2 320~1300 6~20
BL1800 1800 0.01~0.15 800 2 500~1560 8~20
BL2000 2000 0.01~0.15 1000 3 500~1850 8~20
BL2400 2400 0.01~0.15 1500 3 500~2700 8~20
BL2800 2800 0.01~0.15 1800 4 1000~4000 10~20
Selection instructions

1.Which material to be handling:______
2.Handling capacity: ______t/h
3.Material density: ______t/m³
4.Center distance between the head sprocket and tail sprocket :______m
5.Is the layout of the apron feeder inclined or horizontal ? If it is inclined,what is the inclined degree______°
6.Max. granule size of the feeding material: ______mm
7.Max. Granule’s percentage in whole material:______ %
8.What equipment is used to feed the material into the apron feeder:______
9.What equipment is used to discharge the material from the apron feeder:______
10.Working power supply: ______V ______HZ
11.Required quantity: ______
12. Under normal circumstances, the upstream equipment of the apron feeder is the hopper. In order to facilitate our engineers to calculate the power of the apron feeder, can you provide the preliminary design scheme or hand-drawn drawings of the hopper?

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