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Feeder Breaker

The feeder breaker provides a highly reliable means of production for continuous feeding and crushing of most layered and mined materials (including wet, dry, sticky or combinations thereof) with a wide range of configurations. The feeder breaker is the connection between the mining system and the material handling system, so that both systems can operate efficiently and in multiple places. The feeder breaker is located closer to the working face, the transportation distance and travel time are reduced, thus increasing the output and efficiency of the rest of the equipment.
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When the drive device of feeder breaker starts to run, the drive sprocket drives the conveyor chain plate connected with the ring chain to move horizontally in the conveying box, and the conveying chain plate drags the material in the conveying box for conveying material at the same time.
When the horizontal motion of the conveyor chain plate and the material through the rotary teeth roller in the crushing box, because the large material cannot pass through the specific space between the teeth roller and the conveying chain plate, the large material will be knocked, squeezed and stretched by rotating toothed rollers until broken into small materials which are allowed to pass through.
Adjusting the frequency converter can change the speed of the frequency conversion motor, which can change the running speed of the conveyor chain plate, and it can realize the purpose of adjusting the feeder breaker handling capacity.
The center height of the teeth roller can be adjusted through the hydraulic lifting device, which can adjust the finished products size to meet different customer needs.

The feeder breaker is mainly composed of conveying part, crushing part, electrical control, automatic lubrication, lifting regulation of crushing roller and so on. 

Conveyor parts
feeder breaker conveyor parts
The conveyor unit of feeder breaker is mainly composed of head frame with drive device, conveying box assembly, conveyor chain assembly, tail frame with guide device and so on.
A.Head frame with drive device
The drive device is composed of motor, fluid coupling, gear-box, assembly sprocket, main drive shaft and supporting seat device.
The motor, fluid coupling and gear-box are integrally mounted on the drive device frame. The gear-box is mounted on the side of the head frame, the hollow output shaft of the gear-box is connected with the input shaft of the head sprocket group using a locking disk, and the shaft end baffle is fixed, and the connection between the head sprocket and the head frame is fixed with a supporting seat bolt.
B.Conveying box assembly
According to the length of the conveying unit, the conveying box assembly consists of small standard conveying boxes arranged in a line. The main function is to connect the head and tail section of the feeder breaker and carry the conveyor chain sliding in it to transport materials.
C.Conveyor chain assembly
The conveyor chain assembly is composed of ring chain, chain plate and connecting bolt, etc. Its main function is to convey the material on the pan from the tail section to the head section of feeder breaker.
D.Tail frame with guide device
The guide device is mounted on the tail frame of the feeder breaker.
The guide device consists of a guide spindle equipped with two guide wheels mounted on the tail frame through two sliding bearing seats. Its main function is to change the running direction of the ring chain, so that the operation is accurate and stable.

Crusher PARTS
feeder breaker crusher parts
The crusher unit is mainly composed of drive device, teethed roller assembly, crushing box and regulating unit.
A.Drive device
The drive device is mainly composed of motor, small belt wheel, narrow V belt and large belt wheel. This part is the power source of the crushing unit.
B.Teethed roller assembly
It is mainly composed of roller shaft, tooth roller bushing, removable tooth edge, support bearing seat and other parts. During the operation of the equipment, it is necessary to check the wear of teeth roller to avoid serious wear of teeth roller leading to supergrain.
C.Crushing box
The main role of crushing box is to support and fix the teeth roller and driving device.
D.Regulating unit
Regulating unit is mainly consists of hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic gear pump, hydraulic station, folding box and so on. The hydraulic station can drive the hydraulic cylinder to lift or land the crushing teeth roller, so as to realize the intelligent adjustment of crushing.

1.Feeder breaker can not only control the size of broken material but also control the handling capacity, that means no need conventional and expensive primary crusher.
2.The feeder breaker has the characteristics of light weight, small volume, flexible layout and convenient movement, especially suitable for narrow site work.
3.The feeder breaker can directly feed by the truck or loader, saving the feed hopper and apron feeder needed by other types of crusher, while reducing or completely eliminating the excavation and concrete work, greatly reducing equipment cost and civil engineering cost.
4.Combined with electro-mechanically driven breaker, touchscreen controls and diagnostics, the feeder breaker and other equipment operates smoothly and efficiently, reduces any delays and downtime.
5.The broken teeth are arranged symmetrically at intervals, and the broken surface is fully covered without blind spots. The broken teeth are made of wear-resistant steel, with long service life.
6.Feeder breaker is equipped with automatic centralized lubrication system to ensure normal and trouble-free operation.
7.The feeder breaker can not only adjust the product size and crushing ratio, but also adjust the production handling capacity, and has strong impact resistance to meet different working conditions.

Feeder breaker no-load test and field application
Equipment Model Conveyor Width(mm) Conveyor Length(mm) Max.Material Input Size(mm) Nominal Material Output Size(mm) Handling Capacity(t/h)
FBC-14 1,350 6,000-10,000 800×800 ≤200 500-1,000
FBC-16 1,550 8,000-12,000 1,000×1,000 ≤300 800-1,400
FBC-18 1,750 8,000-15,000 1,200×1,200 ≤300 1,200-2,000
FBC-22 2,150 8,000-15,000 1,500×1,500 ≤400 1,500-3,000 

The feeder breaker are used for Mining ore, coal, limestone, clay, iron ore, gold ore, copper ore, nickel ore
feeder breaker applications
1.Which material to be crushed:______
2.Handling capacity:______t/h.
3.Bulk material density: ______t/m3
4.The material compressive strength:______Mpa
5.The material HGI (hardgrove grindability index) range:____
6.Material particle distribution percentage?____
7.Max. material size input: ______mm
8.Material size output:____mm
9.According to your actual application,the length of scraper conveyor you required:___m
10. Is the layout of the feeder breaker inclined or horizontal ? If it is inclined,what is the inclined degree______°
11.What equipment is used to feed the material into the feeder breaker?
12.What equipment is used to discharge the material from the feeder breaker?
13.Working power supply: ______ V ______ HZ
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