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Feeder Breaker

The feeder breaker provides a highly reliable means of production for continuous feeding and crushing of most layered and mined materials (including wet, dry, sticky or combinations thereof) with a wide range of configurations, suitable for surface and underground applications. The feeder breaker is the connection between the mining system and the material handling system, so that both systems can operate efficiently and in multiple places. The feeder breaker is located closer to the working face, the transportation distance and travel time are reduced, thus increasing the output and efficiency of the rest of the equipment.
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The feeder breaker uses engineering grade roller chains and solid steel to fly between the sprocket head and the tail shaft to drag the material along the steel deck. The head shaft is driven by hydraulic or mechanical drive, using shaft-mounted hydraulic motor or shaft-mounted right-angle reducer, with torque control coupling. Crushing roller is a mechanical drive and shaft installation, right-angle reducer torque control coupling. The feeder breaker frame of the prefabricated steel structure can withstand the worst environment.
feeder breaker drag conveyor and crusher roller interlock operation with downstream belt conveyor. Through the programmable logic controller, when the belt conveyor stops or the material does not exist, these functions are turned off at specified intervals.
The receiving end of the feed circuit breaker can be designed from large-capacity trucks, front-end loaders, shuttle vehicles or materials fed by bulldozers on the ground.

The feeder breaker is mainly composed of conveying part, crushing part, electrical control, automatic lubrication, lifting regulation of crushing roller and so on. 

Conveyor parts
feeder breaker conveyor parts
Frame head transmission device, conveying box, conveying chain, frame tail guide device and so on.
A. Transmission device: it is composed of motor, elastic pin coupling, reducer, assembly sprocket, main drive shaft support seat and supporting seat device. The floating drive device frame connects the motor, the coupling and the reducer into a whole, the reducer is mounted on the side of the frame head, the hollow output shaft of the reducer is connected with the input shaft of the sprocket head group using a locking disk, and the shaft end baffle is fixed, and the connection between the sprocket head group and the frame head is fixed with a supporting seat bolt.
B. Conveying box: composed of a number of conveying small boxes lined up to form a conveying box. The main function is to connect the nose and tail of the machine and carry the conveyor chain sliding in it to transport materials.
C. Conveyor chain: ring chain, conveyor chain plate and connecting bolt, etc., is a heavy scraper feeder coal transport parts.
D. Frame tail guide device: the tail guide device consists of a guide spindle equipped with two guide wheels mounted on the frame tail through two sliding bearing seats. Its main function is to change the running direction of the heavy chain, so that the operation is accurate and stable.

Crusher PARTS
feeder breaker crusher parts
The crushing part is mainly composed of crushing drive, crushing gear roller and crushing box.
A. Crushing drive is mainly composed of explosion-proof motor, small belt wheel, narrow V belt and large belt wheel. This part is the source of crushing power.
B. The crushing roller is mainly composed of tooth roller shaft, tooth roller bearing, tooth roller sleeve, movable tooth and other parts. The rotating crushing roller will crush the material conveyed horizontally.
C. Crushing box supports and fixes crushing gear roller and crushing drive.
D. The regulating part of crushing roll mainly consists of hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic gear pump, hydraulic station, folding box and so on. Specifically, the hydraulic station can drive the hydraulic cylinder to lift or land the crushing gear roller, so as to realize the intelligent adjustment of whether it participates in crushing.

Using an feeder breaker to control the size and flow of materials in your mine site means that traditional and expensive primary crushers are not needed. Installation and installation are faster and easier due to the lower initial cost and the reduction or complete cancellation of excavation and concrete work. They consume much less energy and have much more energy, which means they process materials faster and more efficiently. Because the material is broken, not broken, it produces fewer fine particles. and the ergonomic low profile means that trucks and other loading vehicles can dump materials into the hopper without the need for expensive ramps, lifts and unloading conveyors.
2.High productivity
The crushing and mixing of materials is realized through the design of crusher pick and pick to ensure the accurate and high output of materials required in the next stage of the processing line. Combined with electromechanical drive circuit breaker driver, touch screen control and diagnosis, the whole processing line runs smoothly and effectively, reducing any delay and downtime.
All types of underground and surface mining can be customized, and our feeder breraker experts will work with you to design and implement a feeder breaker to improve your material size and handling system. There are various feed chain sizes, the smallest, a 1200 mm chain, which can feed 1000 tons per hour, while the largest, a 2000 mm chain, can feed 2400 tons per hour. 
4.Reasonable design
The broken teeth are arranged symmetrically at intervals, and the broken surface is fully covered without blind spots. The broken teeth are made of wear-resistant steel, with long service life. 
Using shear force, tensile force and percussion broken materials, high efficiency and energy saving.
Feeder breaker no-load test and field application
Equipment Model Conveyor Width(mm) Conveyor Length(mm) Max.Material Input Size(mm) Nominal Material Output Size(mm) Handling Capacity(t/h)
FBC-14 1,350 6,000-10,000 800×800 ≤200 500-1,000
FBC-16 1,550 8,000-12,000 1,000×1,000 ≤300 800-1,400
FBC-18 1,750 8,000-15,000 1,200×1,200 ≤300 1,200-2,000
FBC-22 2,150 8,000-15,000 1,500×1,500 ≤400 1,500-3,000 

The feeder breaker are used for Mining ore, coal, limestone, clay, iron ore, gold ore, copper ore, nickel ore
feeder breaker applications
1.Which material to be crushed:______
2.Handling capacity:______t/h.
3.Bulk material density: ______t/m3
4.The material compressive strength:______Mpa
5.The material HGI (hardgrove grindability index) range:____
6.Material particle distribution percentage?____
7.Max. material size input: ______mm
8.Material size output:____mm
9.According to your actual application,the length of scraper conveyor you required:___m
10. Is the layout of the feeder breaker inclined or horizontal ? If it is inclined,what is the inclined degree______°
11.What equipment is used to feed the material into the feeder breaker?
12.What equipment is used to discharge the material from the feeder breaker?
13.Working power supply: ______ V ______ HZ
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