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Banana Screen

The banana screen uses the latest technology of multi-angle machines, which can achieve special throughput in a relatively small screening area. The screen includes many different screen angles, a variety of deck types and apertures to meet specific process requirements. Banana screen is sometimes called multi-angle screen or multi-slope screen. will accept most types of deck systems, including polyurethane, perforated steel plate and wedge wire. Banana screen achieves good separation accuracy under extremely high feeding speed and material that is difficult to screen. Its operational characteristics make it a high-speed screen.
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Banana screen is made up of motor and vibrator as vibration source, the vibrator is mainly by the eccentric shaft, pulley, bearing and bearing seat, the vibrator is installed on the screen box side plate, and by the motor through v-belt or soft connection and is linked together, the motor drives the eccentric shaft rotation, generate centrifugal force, forced vibration sieve box.
banana screen FEATURES
1.Optimal performance.
It can easily adjust the stroke and speed, optimize the performance and increase the profitability. There are many kinds of selection panels, and the availability of upgrade options can also be used to improve performance.

2.Maximum run time.
Stable operation time is long, modular design and convenient replacement of wear parts and spare parts effectively ensure the long-term operation of the equipment.

3.Safe operation.
Having enough space between splints, covers and protective covers in key parts play an active role in dustproof, noise reduction and personnel safety.

4.Easy to maintain.
The banana screen use of modular design of parts, to facilitate timely and rapid replacement of parts, reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

banana screen APPLICATIONS
banana screen application
vibration exciter & screen plate
vibration exciter
The vibration exciter of the banana screen adopts high precision Carburizing and quenching helical gear transmission to ensure the bearing capacity and working stability and reliability, and the imported oil seal is used to ensure that the lubricating oil is not leaked during work.
Magnetic oil plug absorbs fine metal shavings inside the vibrator to purify lubricating oil; special bearings for imported vibration equipment ensure reliability under vibration load; vibration exciter box is completed at one time by CNC machining center and tested by three-coordinate detector
banana screen vibration exciter

1.Using thin oil lubrication, bearing lubrication is more full, bearing bearing capacity is larger, longer life
2.Vibrator temperature rise is small, heat dissipation is fast, the whole system does not leak oil, to ensure clean production
3.The overall structure is light, good sealing, durable and reliable, cost-effective, simple and convenient installation and maintenance.

screen plate
The banana screen adopt HW12 structure self-cleaning polyurethane screen plate, has a good ability to remove the sticky material, can shake off the sticky in the screen plate, sieve hole
Powder, save manpower, reduce power consumption, provide good production conditions for sintering and blast furnace using professional data simulation analysis, according to user needs to solve the problem of wall hole. Not easy to deformation, fracture, long service life, and at the same time greatly improve production efficiency and output.

the type of banana screen plate
(Screen plate with different shapes of screen holes)
1. The flexible characteristics of the screen surface are not only conducive to the better conduction of the vibration force of the screen plate, but also the good fastness of the screen plate connection;
2.The modular design can ensure that under the original production process conditions, to achieve the maximum effective screening area and maximum efficiency and replacement economy:
3.Soft connection to shaker In addition to abnormal wear factors caused by screen plate damage, longer life, with help to save the production cost of users.
4.Good moisture resistance, can work under the condition of water as the medium, and in the case of water, oil and other media, polyurethane and material friction coefficient is reduced, more conducive to sieve, improve screening efficiency, and can avoid the adhesion of wet particles, at the same time because of friction coefficient reduction, wear reduction, improve service life.
5.Due to reasonable screen design, unique screen plate manufacturing process, limit size particles will not block the screen.

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