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Z Type Bucket Elevator

Z Type Bucket Elevator is designed to gently transport a variety of free flow bulk materials in dry, semi-dry and moist conditions. The unit is extremely adaptable to deliver product to several locations from single or some sources of supply through its variety of discharge locations and stations.
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how it works

The Bucket Elevator is designed to lift various materials up to the delivery position at the top of the machine.The buckets are suspended in continuing hollow chains that are pulled by a gear motor installed at the top horizontal arm and located on the outside of the steel plates.The material inlet is located at the lower horizontal arm and is consisting of a vibration feeder and brushing devises that provide continues and consistent flow of the material to the buckets.The unit is mounted with inspection hatches for service and maintenance. There is a draw in the lower section allowing for easy cleaning.

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Increased full range of ultra-high polymer guide rails and chain friction blocks, equipped with a check device and electronic detection device, chain breaking protection device, chain automatic tension device at a higher lifting height, making the equipment more secure and reliable.
The lifting chain uses a high-strength chain, which continues the characteristics of our food-grade plastic hopper in the size of the hopper.
Combined with anti-corrosion, high temperature and other requirements, R & D designed a special stainless steel hopper.
The machine is combined in a sectional style, with optional horizontal length and lifting height. Flexible layout, small footprint, saving plant space, reduce pit depth.
Operation is safe and reliable, smooth and lower noise, few dust, easy to open and easy to repair, is an ideal new type of material conveying equipment.
Rugged design,Long service life.
Made from stainless steel/painted mild steel.
Bearing jack bolts for shaft alignment.
Hinged lagging inspection door with quick latch.


Selection instructions

Z Type Bucket Elevator
H=Lifting height of the elevator (vertical distance between inlet and outlet):______             
L= Horizontal distance between inlet and outlet:______     
Material to be processed: ______                                                                                 
Material is corrosive or not: ______(Ps. Yes or No)
Material temperature: ______℃                                                                                   Quantity:______ 
Handling capacity:______t/h                                                                                         Water content:______%
Bulk Density: ______t/m3                                                                                              Working environment temperature:______℃
Working power supply: ______V ______HZ                                                                  

Max. granule size of the feeding material:______mm                                                             
Max. granule’s percentage in whole material:______ %   
Upstream equipment (Ps. It means what kind of equipment is used to feed the material):______
Downstream equipment (Ps. It means what kind of equipment is used to discharge the material): ______
Whether needing supporting equipment?______(Ps. Yes or No) 

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