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Social Responsibility

1.People Oriented 
EXCT prohibit forced labor, abolish child labor and prohibit employment discrimination. Guarantee labor wages, working hours and working conditions.
The company pays attention to the health of employees, adheres to the “people-oriented”principle, conducts regular physical examinations on employees, protects the lives of employees in all aspects and provides various social insurances in accordance with state regulations.
EXCT provide employees with a healthy and safe working environment and take measures to reduce or avoid the risk factors , such as EXCT pay attention to fire safety, equipped with perfect fire-fighting facilities, training fire-fighting awareness of employees and timely checks the company's fire-fighting equipment and regular fire drills.
We have strict management system to conformed to the social responsibility and labor condition.

Social Responsibility
2.All Employees’ Development are Concerned
Based on the needs of different posts, the post-ability training for employees is provided. Because we want to enable our employees to develop their abilities in the best possible way and to make optimal use of their skills.
Especially for our production employees, EXCT provide specific and local training and continuing education courses on a global scale, which not only improves our qualifications but also improves product quality and occupational safety. The plan is supplemented by our technical training, qualifications and development plans in different locations.
Of course, EXCT also have other training for new staff,management etc. We have intercultural dialog, regularly surveying their expectations and working environment is an important part of this dialogue. It is equally important that we take action on the ideas and suggestions of our employees.

3.Creating Sustainable Value
EXCT’s goal is to achieve sustainable value in a way that meets statutory requirements and other constraints and meets the company's social, economic and ecological responsibilities.
In the process of production and sale, the company pays attention to environmental protection and adopts environmentally friendly and healthy materials. EXCT emphasizes scientific development and sustainable development and shoulders the responsibility of protecting environment and maintaining natural harmony.
Mindfulness in business practices and behavior is an integral part of our corporate strategy and a key feature of our value chain - because our ability to make lasting contributions to the balance of interests between business, people and the environment is very close to our hearts.
We are eager to create value for the interests of people around the world - now and in the future. By building the solid and lasting foundation for our company, we hope to successfully meet the challenges of the future - first for the benefit of our customers

4.Social Welfare
EXCT actively participates in the construction of public facilities around the factory, including roads, lighting and other infrastructure, hoping to bring maximum convenience to nearby residents.
When the disaster strikes, EXCT did not hesitate to donate to the people in the disaster-stricken areas, it actively helped rebuild and it was incumbent on contributions.
EXCT has always supported the poor children and local villagers of the employees to help them realize their dream of learning. We hope that through this action, we will bring warmth and emotion to the poor children, hoping that through this effort, the children will have the opportunity to succeed and return to their motherland and community.


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