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Conveyor Cover

The covers are used to protect the conveyed materials and to avoid the dispersion of powders. The necessity to protect belt conveyors may arise from the rain, from the volatile characteristics of the conveyed material, or from the type of works plant.
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conveyor cover
Conveyor Cover for Qinghai Limestone Long Distance Belt Conveyor Project
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EXCT conveyor cover assembly is a full corrugated cover and band with 180° coverage.  Because these are corrugated, they are more rigid and made from a heavier gauge material than ordinary smooth series. It’s easy to open and hinge for checking the conveying materials. Besides, it’s convenient to repair, replace, lubricate or inspect of the idlers. It’s also can be said that the conveyor cover can help to provent the belt, idlers and material being conveyed from the sun exposure, wind, snow, rain and other uncertain harsh weather elements.

Reference Belt Conveyor Standard: JIS / CEMA / DIN / ISO / GB

Adaptable Belt width: 18”, 20”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”, 72”, 84”, & 96”.
It can be customized according to your special needs

Cover material: Galvanized steel
Material Supplier: Baosteel Group Corporation (One of the best galvanized steel manufacturers in the world)
Why use conveyor cover
Why use conveyor cover
•  Easy and safe of operation for realizing inspection, maintenance and repair work at conveying systems.
•  Self-supporting hood-bracket system.
•  Opening, latching and closing on both sides through one person without any tool.
•  No loose parts such as tightening straps, nuts or screwed connections when opening, latching or closing.
•  Additional attachment components are not necessary at the belt conveyor structure.
•  Cost-effective special solutions are possible.
•  Problem-free connection to junction plates or facing.
conveyor cover case
conveyor cover for limestone mining

Project: Conveyor Cover for Limestone Belt Conveyor
Equipment: Conveyor Covers          Quantity: 1,564 pcs
Belt Width: 1000mm                         Application: Mining Industry
Customer: Qinghai Salt Lake Heiner Chemical Co., Ltd.

conveyor cover for coal

Project: Conveyor Cover for Coal Conveyor System in Power Plant
Equipment: Conveyor Covers          Quantity: 854 pcs
Belt Width: 1400mm                         Application: Energy Industry
Customer: Huadian Corporation LTD

conveyor cover for limestone mining Project: Conveyor Cover for Coal Conveyor System in Coal Field
Equipment: Conveyor Covers          Quantity: 923 pcs
Belt Width: 1600mm                         Application: Coal Mining
Customer: LiuPanShui Coal Industry Group
Selection instructions

Thickness:______mm (Based on our production experience, customers’ feedback and the belt conveyor’s width, the cover’s common thickness is 0.5mm,0.6mm,0.8mm,1.0mm)

pully cover drawing

We will very appreciate if you can provide us the supporting belt conveyor’s cross-section layout drawing.
Please refer to the left drawing and giving us the following information: H2______mm;H3______mm;C______mm;B______mm;A______mm;E______mm;
If can’t,please refer to the right drawing and provide the core parameters for a better quote and production:E______mm;H ______mm;R______mm
Quantity :______

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