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Our Service Mission
EXCT is committed to providing customers worldwide with the highest standard of customer support and before/after-sales service. The customer's requirement is our pursuit. We will serve you wholeheartedly. Career development is endless, the pursuit of endless, for our common ideal, we will keep pace with the times, and constantly innovate, open up new brands and create a better future.
With our experienced field engineers, we provide a comprehensive services including: Mine Design, Erection and Commissioning, Training Service Staff, Spare parts.
Mine Design
Mine design mainly includes three parts: feasibility study, preliminary design, and construction drawing.
After the two parties reached an agreement, EXCT Mine Design Institute began to set up a working group to start work.
And then after the preliminary design is completed, the experts of the Design Institute will compile all the contents into a detailed Preliminary Design Report and report it to the competent department of the Mine Design Institute for review
EXCT has a large number of engineers, rich experience, and fast chart output. After the construction drawing is completed, the construction commander shall perform "designing the bottom of the design" at the construction site, and carry out the detailed handover of details.
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Erection and Commissioning
The erection and commissioning is a very meticulous and rigorous work. In view of the importance of on-site installation and commissioning, EXCT erection and commissioning work has mainly established installation teams, led by engineers and technicians , the director of the plant, and the mine leadership.
EXCT upholds the principle of customer first, and according to the customer's actual situation, we can provide different kinds of on-site installation and debugging methods.
For overseas installation and commissioning of the guidance, except the customer should bear the travel expenses, others are free. EXCT is responsible for the installation personnel's equipment, the customer is responsible for the installation and commissioning of parts and tools and other materials. EXCT is responsible for all the tool materials and staffing required for installation and commissioning.
Training Service Staff

The EXCT technicians workers' practical experience is extremely rich. The advantage is that they can give the workers some details that are not always noticed but are extremely important. EXCT mainly provide three trainings for the workers of the client's factory:
1. Operational training for all operational workers involved in beneficiation processes.
2. Train all the ore-dressing equipment and mineral processing technology in the common problems in the operation of the plant.
3. To guide the operation of the operating staff to master the experience of the training.
After the completion of the above training, EXCT will provide customers with free copies of their own long-term production experience, as well as various forms frequently used by mining companies, to ensure that the customer's plant is operationally regulated and easy to manage.
Spare Parts
After decades of operation, we still provide you with the certainty that each machine we provide will receive the corresponding spare parts in time.
In order to provide spare parts to the customer's production site as quickly as possible, EXCT has established spare parts warehouse. After receiving the customer's call, we will obtain spare parts from the warehouse in the shortest possible time to reduce the waiting time and equipment downtime risk of the customer.

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