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Coal Sizer

The Coal sizer is one of the best solutions for coal crushing. Since the shearing and tensile crushing principle of the coal sizer and the use of optimized tooth shape and micro-alloying high chromium iron material, it can break the coal which strength is below 200Mpa. The coal sizer have a series of advantages, such as high crushing strength, large capacity, low energy consumption, long life of wearing parts and so on. The coal sizer can directly break coal which after removing iron and impurity and without picking up gangue. Coal sizer can simplify the coal breaking process and reduce the construction investment and production cost of mines and power plants.
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The main working parts of the coal sizers used in coal mine are two crushing rollers installed in parallel. The center distance of the two crushing rollers is fixed. Each tooth roller is arranged along the axial direction with a certain number of crushing teeth sleeve or tooth plate, and the tooth shape is unique.
After the coal (or raw coal, coal gangue, lignite, coke, topsoil) falls between the two rollers of the coal sizers, the coal will be caught by the olecranon teeth or knife-shaped tooth plate on the rollers, which will gradually increase the pressure and tension on the coal. In fact, the crushing tooth structure is a rotating grid screen, particles smaller than the discharge size can pass directly without crushing, which improves the situation that the materials in the traditional roller crusher are not controlled but are uniformly crushed, makes the amount of small particles be reduced to a minimum, and reduces energy consumption and tooth wear.

Primary Coal Sizers for coal industry
primary sizers toothed roller
EXCT Primary Coal sizer allowed coal feed particle size is less than 1500mm, the discharging granularity is less than 300mm, or even less than 250mm.
The teeth roller of primary coal sizer are arranged in a special spiral shape. The teeth roller are made of wear-resistant and impact-resistant alloy steel by integral precision casting heat treatment. The hardness HRC of teeth roller is larger or equal to separately 45-55 while the impact toughness 45kg·m/cm2. The teeth roller are heated by a solid high-frequency heating device and then installed on the shaft, which makes the match between teeth and shaft more reliable.

Secondary Coal Sizer for coal industry
secondary sizers toothed roller
EXCT Secondary coal sizer allowed coal feed particle size is less than 400mm(allowed feeding granularity for a small amount of 500mm), the discharging granularity less than 100mm.
The structure of the secondary coal sizer teeth is toothed plate cast of Zgmn13Cr2. The tooth plate is fixed in the form of unilateral dovetail groove which is complementary to the inclined plane of the inserted clamping block, and then the tooth plate is installed on the toothed plate retaining bracket forming a surface-to-surface connection, and then is fastened and pressed by the bolt.
The material of tooth plate bracket is ZG310-570, the fixed key slot for toothed plate integrally machined by CNC(Computer Numerical Control)plano milling machine and the single side dovetail groove is machined by special angle cutter.
1. Compact footprint
Coal Sizer can be installed where other crushers would not fit and at a potentially lower cost. Ideal for mobile or underground applications with a small machine envelope.

2. Engineered for low TCO
Minimize total cost of ownership with standard coal sizer accessories and controls, energy-efficient helical gear reducers, robust power transmission components, automatic lubrication system and extended life bimetallic wear components.

3. Minimize fines and wear
Minimize fines and wear with matched velocity technology that aligns the tooth speed of the roll with the velocity of the coal falling through the coal crusher.

4. Control and optimize product size
Timed shafts and oil gap adjustment enables control of product size to minimize transfer issues to chutes, transfer points and conveyor belts.

5. Replaceable teeth
Wear segments have replaceable teeth that allow customers to swap them out for renewed performance. Extends coal sizers life and lowers costs compared to conventional “throwaway” designs.

sizers crusher
Our coal sizers covers more than 20 countries and regions all over the world. They are mainly used for crushing raw coal, coal gangue, lignite, coke, topsoil and other materials, and are used in coal-related industries such as thermal power plants, coal mining, coal washing plants and so on. 
coal sizers on site
coal sizers Specifications
Primary Coal Sizers Technical Specifications
Model 2PLF800 2PLF1000 2PLF1200 2PLF1500
Teeth Roller Dia (mm) 800 1000 1200 1400
Roll length (mm) 1500-2500 1500-3000 1500-3000   2000-3500 
Max feed size (mm) 800 1000 1200 1500
Output size (mm) ≤300 ≤300 ≤300 ≤300
Capacity (t/h) ≤2000 ≤3500 ≤6000 ≤10000
Secondary Coal Sizers Technical Specifications
Model 2PLS600 2PLS800 2PLS1000 2PLS1200
Teeth Roller Dia  ( mm ) 600 800 1000 1200
Roll length(mm) 1000-2500 1500-3000 2000-3500 2000-4000
Max feed size (mm) 200 300 350 400
Output size (mm) 50-80 50-100 50-120 50-140
Capacity  ( t/h ) 250-800 500-2000 600-3000 800-4000
Selection instructions

1.Which material to be crushed:______
2.Handling capacity:______t/h.
3.Bulk material density: ______t/m3
4.The material compressive strength:______Mpa
5.The material HGI (hardgrove grindability index) range:
6. Material particle distribution percentage?
7.Max. grain size of the feeding material: ______mm
8. What is the grain size of the finished product after crushing?
9.What equipment is used to feed the material into the sizer?
10.What equipment is used to discharge the material from the sizer?
11.As we know,the sizer should form a system with other equipment, do you have preliminary design or hand-drawn sketch? If have, please send it to our engineer for reference.

Changing operating conditions require adjustments When the coal sizers has been running for some months or some years, the raw coal may become harder to crush or a higher output may be needed. The Coal Sizers can then be adjusted in several ways. The size of the drive pulleys may be altered to achieve a higher throughput or a higher torque. Minor adjustments of the output size can be made by altering the synchronisation of the two rotors.
The Coal Sizers has four bearingsthat are continuously lubricated by a grease pump placed in a cabinet.The excess grease in the bearings is discharged inside the machine and ends
up in the crushed product. The barrel contains grease for several months and the system is monitored by sensors that trigger an alarm if a malfunction occurs or the grease barrel is empty.
The condition of the wear parts (toothed discs in rotors and cleaningteeth) is easily monitored by taking a glance inside the Coal Sizer. Coal Sizer is moved into maintenance position by lowering the wheels at the corners. Tools and lifting yoke are supplied together with the Coal Sizer to facilitate quick and trouble-free maintenance, including replacement of wear parts.

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