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Conveyor Belt Hood

Conveyor belt hood assembly is a full corrugated cover and band with 180°coverage. Because these are corrugated, they are more rigid and made from a heavier gauge material than our standard smooth series. They are quick opening and hinged for inspecting or viewing the items being conveyed. They also allow for ease of repairing, replacing, greasing or inspecting of the idlers. They help to protect the belt, idlers and material being conveyed from the hot sun, wind, snow, rain and other damaging weather elements.
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Conveyor belt hood is also known as a rainproof cover, dustproof cover, which is used to protect the conveyed materials and parts of the belt conveyor from the rain, snow, wind, sun. The conveyor belt hood is made of galvanized steel plate. Galvanized steel plate takes cold-rolled strips, galvanized steel strips as the base plate, after the surface pretreatment( chemical treatment), one or more layers of liquid paint are applied to the plate by roller coating, and then the plate made by baking and cooling. Conveyor belt hood can be divided into fixed type, open type, observation window type. Conveyor belt hood is widely used in energy, construction material, metallurgy, chemical, ports, mining, and other industries.

conveyor belt hood Installation

 Conveyor Hood type       Full Coverage / 3/4 Coverage / 1/2 Coverage / Full Coverage With Windows 
Conveyor Hood size Can be customized according to customer requirements
Conveyor Hood material Galvanized sheet/Stainless steel
Conveyor Hood thickness   0.5mm/0.6mm/0.8mm/1.0mm
Conveyor Hood colour Sea blue / Chinese red / Mechanical gray 

conveyor belt hood type

Conveyor belt hoods & Covers Manufacturering Process

Why use conveyor belt hood
Why use conveyor belt hood
1.Quality Assurance
Standard in galvanized steel, Match idler spacing for maintenance access, Heavy duty galvanized steel mounting foot brackets, Heavy gauge galvanized bands for greater rigidity

2.Protective Effect

Retaining bracket to hold the cover in an open position for maintenance, Protects material and idlers from weather, Protects the rubber belt from UV and weather, Prevents the belt from lifting due to wind forces, Increased operator safety

3.Easy Manipulation

Easy manipulation because it is manufactured using lightweight materials and has a thickness of 0.5-1mm. Without any tools, one person can complete the opening, locking, and closing of both sides.

4.Long Service Life
The conveyor belt hood adapts the special protective coating to improve corrosion resistance and service life.

5.Convenient To Observe
The Conveyor 
belt Hoods has an observation window, convenient to monitor the operation of the belt conveyor, avoid accidents.
conveyor belt hood

Conveyor belt hood On Site
conveyor belt hood on site
Conveyor belt hood PACKAGE & DELIVER
conveyor belt hood package and deliver
Selection instructions

Thickness:______mm (Based on our production experience, customers’ feedback and the belt conveyor’s width, the cover’s common thickness is 0.5mm,0.6mm,0.8mm,1.0mm)

pully cover drawing

We will very appreciate if you can provide us the supporting belt conveyor’s cross-section layout drawing.
Please refer to the left drawing and giving us the following information: H2______mm;H3______mm;C______mm;B______mm;A______mm;E______mm;
If can’t,please refer to the right drawing and provide the core parameters for a better quote and production:E______mm;H ______mm;R______mm
Quantity :______

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