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Vibrating Feeder

Vibrating Feeders are used to feed raw materials or finished products into mixers, furnaces, production processes or final containers. Available in a wide variety of styles and finishes, ideal for foundries or the chemical, food, metal or paper industries.
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how it works

The feeding process of the motor vibrating feeder is realized by using a special vibrating motor drive chute to perform periodic linear reciprocating vibration along the inclined direction. When the accelerating vertical component of the feed trough vibration is greater than the acceleration of gravity, the material in the trough Will be thrown up, and follow the parabolic trajectory to jump forward movement, throw and fall in 1/50 seconds to complete, due to the continuous vibration of the vibration motor, the feed chute continues to move, the material in the tank is continuously forward , has reached the purpose of feeding. At the same time, it can also be online with the computer to achieve automated intelligent feeding.

Small size, light weight, simple structure, easy installation.
Vibrating feeder can made into sealed type,which is rectangular closed structure and suitable for larger dust feeding.
Vibrating feeder also can be tube type, adapted to fragile particles.
Motor self-synchronization, stable operation, rapid start, parking balance.
The feed chute wears less as the material jumps forward on a parabolic path.
Lower production cost and improved quality and throughput.
Reduced cost of maintenance and part replacement.
Flexibility in design options ensures a seamless fit into your existing production.


Vibrating Feeder Technical Specifications
Model Size(mm) Capacity (t/h) Motor Voltage
Double amplitude
Excited force
ZG-25          60 25 YZO-2.5-4   380 0.25*2 1500 2-3 5000
ZG-30 60 30 YZO-2.5-4 380 0.25*2 1500 2-3 5000
ZG-60 90 60 YZO-5-4 380 0.4*2 1500 2-4 10000
ZG-80 160 80 YZO-5-4 380 0.4*2 1500 2-4 10000
ZG-100 210 100 YZO-8-4 380 0.75*2 1500 2-5 16000
ZG-200 270 200 YZO-8-4 380 0.75*2 1500 2-5 16000
ZG-300 300 300 YZO-17-4 380 0.75*2 1500 2-5 34000
ZG-400 300 400 YZO-17-4 380 0.75*2 1500 3-5 34000
ZG-500 300 500 YZO-17-4 380 0.75*2 1500 3-5 34000
ZG-750 400 750 YZO-30-6 380 2.5*2 1000 4-6 60000
ZG-1200 400 1200 YZO-30-6 380 2.5*2 1000 4-6 60000
ZG-1800 420 1800 YZO-75-6 380 5.5*2 1000 5-8 150000
ZG-2000 420 2000 YZO-75-6 380 5.5*2 1000 5-8 150000

Selection instructions

1.Material to be processed:
2.Handling capacity: _____t/h
3.Bulk Density: _____t/m3
4.Center distance from inlet to outlet: ____ m
5.Max. granule size of the feeding material: _____mm
6.Max. granule material percentage:_____ %
7.What equipment is used to feed carbamide into the vibrating feeder :______
8.What equipment is used to discharge carbamide from the vibrating feeder :______
9.Installation forms: ______(Ps. Hanging-type or seat-type)
10.Working power supply: ______ V ______ HZ
11. As everyone knows, the vibrating feeder work with other equipment to form a process system, therefore, we will appreciate if you can provide us the preliminary design or hand-drawn sketch of process system for our engineers reference.

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