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Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevators are the economical solution when it comes to vertical transport of bulk material.
Bucket elevator consist of bucket,traction components, head section, middle casing, tail section, driving unit and other components etc.
Bucket elevator is widely used in mining, metallurgy, cement, grain, chemical, power and many kinds of industries.
EXCT has been building custom bucket elevators for over 30 years. We can design and manufacture the bucket elevator according to the needs of the end users.
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Technical Specifications
Bucket width Up to 1,600 mm
Max capacity > 1,541 m³/h
Max lifting height Up to 80 m
Bucket speed Up to 1.86 m/s
Traction components type Belt / Chain
Material loading type Directly flow / Scoop
Material discharging type Centrifugal type / Continuous type
Drive type Geared motor unit / Motor+fluid coupling+gear box
Tension Unit 

Gravity + Spring tension unit

Construction Materials Stainless or coated mild steel
Protection switches Speed switch / Temperature sensors / Blockage sensor 
Handling Materials Bulk materials in the form of crumbs, grains, pellets, shreds, dust, powder, flake, or crushed products of bio-matter and aggregate.

Optimum Performance


Increased Safety

The whole bucket elevator has good sealing, prevent the leakage of materials and dust, which will not cause environmental pollution.

The driving unit is equipped with back stop, prevent material backflow when shut down in an emergency.

The discharge outlet is equipped with anti-return rubber baffle, which can effectively prevent the material from returning to the casing during unloading.

The bucket elevator is equipped with some protection switches. The protection switches will give early warning of possible accidents, and also to be connected to the central control room for real-time monitoring of the operation of the bucket elevator.


Easy Maintenance

Lower Spare Parts Cost 

The gearbox can be equipped with auxiliary drive according to the need. When the main motor has an emergency failure or the bucket elevator needs maintenance, the auxiliary drive will start and the bucket will run at slow speed.

The drive sprocket of chain bucket elevator is composed of wheel hub and segmented tooth ring. When the drive sprocket wears out, just replace the tooth ring which reduces the maintenance cost.

Gravity+Spring tensioning device is used in the tail part of the bucket elevator to realize automatic tensioning. Constant tension force can be maintained after one installation adjustment to avoid belt slipping or chain taking off.

The drive pulley of belt bucket elevator can adopt segmented diamond-rubber plate. When the drive pulley wears out, just replace the diamond-rubber plate which reduces the maintenance cost and save repair time.

bucket elevator for cement

bucket elevator for grain

Equipment model: TDG1000-42.50         Handling material: cement clinker
Handling capacity: 650t/h                         Bucket width: 1000mm
C-C distance: 42.50m                                Bucket speed: 1.86m/s
End user name: Xuzhou (CUCC) Cement Co.,Ltd

Equipment model: TDG630-27.80         Handling material: grain
Handling capacity:300t/h                       Bucket width: 630mm
C-C distance: 27.80m                             Bucket speed: 1.65m/s
End user name: China Grain Reserves Management Group

bucket elevator for fertilizer

bucket elevator coal ash powder

Equipment model: TDG500-26.50         Handling material: Fertilizer
Handling capacity: 150t/h                        Bucket width: 500mm
C-C distance: 26.50m                              Bucket speed: 1.68m/s
End user name: Yunnan Yuntianhua Co., Ltd

Equipment model: NE200-18.60         Handling material: coal ash powder
Handling capacity: 180t/h                    Bucket width: 600mm
C-C distance: 18.60m                           Bucket speed: 0.5m/s
End user name: CHNG Qingdao Power Generation Co.,Ltd

Belt Bucket Elevator Technical Specifications
Model TDG250 TDG315 TDG400 TDG500 TDG630 TDG800 TDG1000 TDG1250 TDG1600
Capacity(m3/h) 72 101 158 220 348 492 788 1220 1541
Bucket Volume
6.5 10 16 25 40 64 102 161 255
325 360 420 460 520 580 650 720 820
Belt & bucket 
33 33.2 42.2 62.3 78.53 106 145 155.5 223
Speed (m/s) 1.34 1.34 1.5 1.5 1.68 1.65 1.86 1.86 1.836
Max lift height
80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80

Chain Bucket Elevator Technical Specifications
Model THG250 THG315 THG400 THG500 THG630 THG800 THG1000 THG1250 THG1600
70 100 160 210 350 475 715 1120 1550
Bucket Volume(L) 6.5 10 16 25 40 64 102 161 255
336 378 420 480 546 630 756 756 882
Chain& bucket 
weight kg/m)
33.4 43.25 60.9 79.6 88.66 107 150 187.6 233
Speed (m/s) 1.04 1.04 1.17 1.17 1.32 1.31 1.47 1.47 1.47
Max lift height
60 60 60 60 60 55 55 40 40

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