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Mineral Sizers

EXCT is the world’s most professional manufacturer of Mineral Sizers. EXCT Mineral Sizers are designed and manufactured to be the highest efficient and lowest maintenance costs in service life. EXCT Mineral Sizers provide primary, secondary and tertiary crushing operations for many kinds of mineral, such as coal, salt, gypsum, phosphate, limestone, bauxite, petroleum coke, lignite, trona, carbon anodes, oil sands, clay, shale and more.
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Mineral Sizers
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how it works
How does the sizer s crusher how dose the sizer crusher how dose the sizer crusher
The mineral is gripped by the leading faces of opposed rotor teeth,and to be subjected to stress under the concentrated load of the rotor teeth.The stress causes mineral to be break along its natural texture. Mineral is broken in tension by being subjected to a three point loading, which between the front tooth faces on one rotor and rear tooth faces on the other rotor. For the mineral that has not been fully broken, through the rotor teeth and  fixed teeth of the breaker bar can be further broken to ensure the 3d dimension requirements of the discharging material.

sizers toothed roller
The crushing method of EXCT sizer is both compact and efficient. The operating principle of the sizer crusher is to generate continuous pressure between the tooth rollers through the reverse rotation of the two tooth rollers to continuously crush the material.
Based on our deep study of the processing material features, and drawn from the advantages of other brand Sizers, EXCT has produced a high efficiency, low maintenance cost crusher, the EXCT sizer. Its actual use effect is exactly equal to the crushers of
 other well-known brands.

sizers drive device

primary sizers toothed secondary sizers running gea
Drive Device Primary Sizers Toothed Roller Secondary Sizers Toothed Roller
sizers frame construction sizers synchromesh gear aizers lubrication system
Frame Construction Synchromesh Gear Lubrication System  
mineral sizers
High Capacity and Compact
Since unique breaking action processes material quickly and efficiently, so that in high handling capacities and compact layout.

Processing Hard Material
EXCT Sizer's unique tooth alloy formula is sufficient to handle material from soft coal (30 MPa) to hard granite (250MPa).

Accurately Control Product Size and Minimum Fines
EXCT Sizer can not only control the product size, but also minimizes dust and fine matter generation compared to other types of crushers.

Wet & Sticky Sizing
EXCT sizer can not only deal with wet sticky material, but also can deal with dry hard rock, or deal with wet sticky material and dry hard rock at the same time.

Overload Protection
EXCT sizers are equipped with overload protection, preventing the equipment from sustaining damage by unbreakable material.

Automated Operation
EXCT sizer matching PLC control system which can realize remotely automatic control and monitor to ensure continuous optimal performance.
Primary Crusher Technical Specifications
Model 2PLF800 2PLF1000 2PLF1200 2PLF1500
Teeth Roller Dia (mm 800 1000 1200 1400
Roll length (mm 1500-2500 1500-3000 1500-3000   2000-3500 
Max feed size (mm 800 1000 1200 1500
Output size (mm 300 300 300 300
Capacity (t/h) 2000 3500 6000 10000
Secondary Crusher Technical Specifications
Model 2PLS600 2PLS800 2PLS1000 2PLS1200
Teeth Roller Dia  ( mm ) 600 800 1000 1200
Roll lengthmm 1000-2500 1500-3000 2000-3500 2000-4000
Max feed size mm 200 300 350 400
Output size mm 50-80 50-100 50-120 50-140
Capacity  ( t/h ) 250-800 500-2000 600-3000 800-4000
Selection instructions

1.Which material to be crushed:______
2.Handling capacity:______t/h.
3.Bulk material density: ______t/m3
4.The material compressive strength:______Mpa
5.The material HGI (hardgrove grindability index) range:
6. Material particle distribution percentage?
7.Max. grain size of the feeding material: ______mm
8. What is the grain size of the finished product after crushing?
9.What equipment is used to feed the material into the sizer?
10.What equipment is used to discharge the material from the sizer?
11.As we know,the sizer should form a system with other equipment, do you have reliminary design or hand-drawn sketch? If have, please send it to our engineer for reference.

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