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Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyors are used to transport all types of bulk material and unit loads—both horizontally and sloping. Belt conveyor machine consist of conveyor frame, conveyor belt, conveyor pulley, conveyor rollers, tension devices, driving unit and other components etc.
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belt conveyor structure

The main components of the belt conveyor are conveyor belt, idler and intermediate frame, pulley, driving device, tensioning device, brake device, cleaning device, protection device and unloading device.
belt conveyor

According to feeco, tenova and heiligbv experience, we can provide the equal quality products and parts.

Outstanding advantages
1. Can transport many kinds of materials. All kinds of bulk materials, and also light weight products such as cartons and packaging bags.
2. Optional moving selection of belt velocity (0.8m/s~4.0m/s). Work stably with less belt deviation and materials spillage
3. Stable convey, no relative movement between the material and the conveyor belt, to prevent damage to the conveying object.
4. Compared with other conveyors, it has less noise and is suitable for occasions where the working environment is relatively quiet.


why choose exct belt conveyor
conveyor belt Conveyor belt

Polyester canvas,nylon canvas and steel rope as the skeleton.
Good impact resistance and high anti-tearing strength of conveyor belt.
The conveyor belt is resistant to fatigue and impact.
The conveyor belt has good groove formation and low elongation.
Good thermal stability under the same size specifications.
The conveyor belt has high wet strength.

Driving device

Brand of driving device can choose on your request.
International brands like SEW, ABB, SUMITOMO, SIEMENS.
China brand like Yutong,Tailong,Guomao,Taixing,Nangaochi.
Powerful enclosed and compact efficient motor drive
Shaft mounted and underslung gearbox reducer.
Optimization YOX & YOT constant filling hydrodynamic coupling.
Good balance and strong braking force Brake.

belt conveyor driver device
conveyor pulley Pulley

High coefficient of surface friction;
Autoomatic welding machine of outer ring seam of pulley;
For big enviroment humidity and long distance belt conveyor;
New technology of Pillow block ball bearing;
Hydraumatic symmetric three-roll bending machine;
Pulley inner ring seam automatic welding machine.


Supply the various sizes of steel rollers to meet customers' require.
Automatic simultaneous welding, CNC milling of bearing housings.
Adopt precision deep-groove ball bearing of international brand. 
Uniquely labyrinth seals design for definitely water/dust proof.
Low total indicated runout (T.I.R.), Less vibration.
Making sure long lifetime operation.

conveyor idler
Belt Sway Switch & Pull Cord Switch

Protection device

Aluminum alloy housing, strong impact resistance.
Good sealing, dustproof, waterproof, anti-condensation.
Sensitive operation, reliable performance.
Plastic wire rope moisture, acid, flame retardant.
Prevent cable joints damp and virtual.
Automatically warning sign.

Conveyor cover

Easy and safe of operation at conveying systems.
Self-supporting hood-bracket system.
Easy opening, latching and closing on both sides.
Additional attachment components are not necessary.
Cost-effective special solutions are possible.
Problem-free connection to junction plates or facing.

conveyor cover
Belt conveyor can applicate in following industry
belt conveyor industry for cement plants belt conveyor industry for port belt conveyor industry for chemical
Cement plant Port Chemical
belt conveyor industry for power plants belt conveyor industry for metallurgy belt conveyor industry in mining
Power plants Metallurgy Mining
belt conveyor for coal belt conveyor material for grain belt conveyor material for gravel
Coal Grain Gravel
belt conveyor material for iron ore belt conveyor material for cement belt conveyor material for fertilizer
Iron ore Cement Fertilizer
belt conveyor material for sand belt conveyor material for wood chip belt conveyor material for carbon black
Sand Wood chip Carbon black
Fixed Belt Conveyor Technical Specifications
Belt width(mm) Belt speed (m/s)
0.8 1.0  1.3  1.6  2.0  2.5  3.2  4.0  5.0  6.5 
 Capacity (m³/h)
500 69 87 108 139 174 217        
650 127 159 198 254 318 397        
800 198 248 310 397 496 620 781      
1000 324 405 507 649 811 1014 1278 1622    
1200   593 742 951 1188 1486 1872 2377 2971  
1400   825 1032 1321 1652 2065 2602 3304 4130  
1600         2186 2733 3444 4373 5466  
1800         2795 3494 4403 5591 6989 9083
2000         3470 4338 5466 6941 8676 11277
2200             6843 8690 10863 14120
2400             8289 10526 13158 17104
Remark:Capacity is caculated by material horizontal conveyoring ,20°Operating stacking Angle,35°roller groove Angle .

Selection instructions

Material to be processed:______                                                  Handling capacity: ______ t/h
Bulk Density:______ t/m3                                                              Center distance between the head and tail pulley:______ m
Material temperature:______ ℃;                                                   Working environment temperature: ______ 
Material is corrosive or not: ______ (Ps. Yes or No)
Water content:______ %                                                               Working environment:indoor? outdoor? indoor and outdoor?______ 
Max. granule size of the feeding material:______ mm                   Max. Granule’s percentage in whole material:______ %
The belt conveyor is inclined or not:______ (Ps. Yes or No)          If it is inclined,what is the inclined degree______ °
Upstream equipment (using for feed the material):______ 
Downstream equipment (using for discharge the material):______  
Whether needing supporting equipment?______ (Ps. Yes or No) 
Working power supply: ______ ______ HZ                                 Quantity:______ 
About belt conveyor layout drawing: Whether you can provide standardized drawings or hand-drawn drawings, we are very happy. Because it can help our engineers to analyze, then we can give you the scientific selection, reasonable scheme and accurate quotation.

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