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Bucket Elevator

The bucket elevator is a kind of economic vertical lifting equipment. it can continuously transport bulk materials to a high distance with a wide range of uses, long service life, large capacity operation, customizability, small footprint, and other advantages. Bucket elevator is a conveying system of high commonality, widely used in mining, metallurgy, cement, grain, chemical, electric power, and other industries.
EXCT has more than 30 years of experience in its design and manufacture. Based on material properties, application scenarios, and local conditions, we can provide belt and chain bucket elevators, and we can do professional design and customer service according to the customer's requirements.
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With traction belt as traction components, Bucket elevator continuously upward convey materials ,through the hopper fixed on the belt which adopted fabric or wire rope core rubber belt. When transporting materials, a closed structure is adopted, so that no dust will be generated. As a result that it can be lifted to a high height, especially suitable for continuous vertical transportation of granular, powdery, and small abrasive materials. 

   Basic technical details
belt bucket elevator features

Structural Feature: Adopt polyester conveyor belt as traction component
Loading Type: Scoop type
Discharging Type: Centrifugal type
Bucket Width: 160/200/250/315/400/500/630/800/1000/1250/1600mm
Max Capacity: 1,541 m³/h
Max Lifting Height: Up to 80 m
Bucket Speed: Up to 1.86 m/s
Drive Device type: Gear-motor unit / Motor + Fluid coupling + Gear-box
Take-up type: Gravity + Spring unit
Protection Device: Speed switch / Temperature sensors / Blockage sensor

   Features & Advantage
1bucket elevator features

Sectional friction linings of the drive pulley may be effortlessly exchanged without dismounting the belt.

2bucket elevator features

The wing pulley was mounted within the tail section to forestall the materials from scattering on the pulley to reduce the friction between belt and pulley.

3bucket elevator features

Traction components adopt a specialized rubber belt of the bucket elevator, which is of high tensile strength,good flexibility, and long service life.

1bucket elevator features

A gravity tension device is adopted in the tail part of the bucket elevator to realize the automatic tension of the belt. As long as the adjustment is in place,the constant tension can be maintained to effectively avoid the belt slipping.

5bucket elevator features

Both ends of the belt are clamped into the aluminum cast composite box (clamp connection), thus securing the belt connection.

6bucket elevator features

The buckets are mounted on the belt with a specially designed flat head screw,and rubber strips are put in between the buckets and also the belt.



Chain bucket elevator adopts high strength chain as traction components. The Chain bucket elevator is fixed on the high-strength chain, using gravity unloading mode for the continuous lifting of materials, very suitable for large capacity lifting scenes, which is a perfect solution for powder, granular, block, and high-temperature material vertical transportation.

    Basic technical details
chain bucket elevator features

Structural Feature: Adopt plate chain as traction component
Loading Type: Directly flow type
Discharging Type: gravity type
Bucket Width: 250/300/400/500/600/800/1000mm
Max Capacity: 941 m³/h
Max Lifting Height: Up to 45 m
Bucket Speed: 0.5m/s
Drive Device type: Gear-motor unit / Motor+Fluid coupling+Gear-box
Take-up type: Gravity + Spring unit
Protection Device: Speed switch / Temperature sensors / Blockage sensor

   Features & Advantage
1bucket elevator features

The head sprocket consists of a hub and a split ring gear.When the sprocket wears out, the gear ring may be easily replaced when the maintenance budget is saved.

2bucket elevator features

Tail sprocket with light teeth, effectively prevent head and tail out of sync caused by skipping teeth and wear.

3bucket elevator features

Traction components adopt steel wear - resistant sleeve roller chain, which might effectively cut back the wear and tear of traction parts.

1bucket elevator features

The guide rails are put in within the housing to stop the chain from swinging throughout operation.

5bucket elevator features

The automatic tension of the chain is complete by employing a gravity type take-up device at the tail section. Once the adjustment is in place,the constant tension will be maintained, effectively avoid the chain from falling off.

6bucket elevator features

Because the entire housing protection is good, therefore no material and mud leakage, environmental pollution free.

bucket elevator catalogue

bucket elevator for construction materials industry

bucket elevator for chemical ndustry bucket elevator for grain industry
Construction Materials Industry Chemical Industry Grain Industry
bucket elevator for metallurgy bucket elevator for food industry bucket elevator for mineral industry
Metallurgy Industry Food Industry Mineral Industry
clinker for bucket elevator grain for bucket elevator aggregates for bucket elevator sugar for bucket elevator animal feeds
 Clinker  Grain  Aggregates  Sugar  Animal Feeds
salt for bucket elevator coal for bucket elevator fertilizers for bucket elevator flyash for bucket elevator fracsand
 Salt  Coal  Fertilizers Flyash  Fracsand
mineral for bucket elevator potash for bucket elevator limestone calcined coke for bucket elevator woodchip for bucket elevator
 Mineral  Potash  Limestone  Calcined Coke  Woodchip
bucket elevator for cement

bucket elevator for grain

Equipment model: TDG1000-42.50         Handling material: cement clinker
Handling capacity: 650t/h                         Bucket width: 1000mm
C-C distance: 42.50m                                Bucket speed: 1.86m/s
End user name: Xuzhou (CUCC) Cement Co.,Ltd

Equipment model: TDG630-27.80         Handling material: grain
Handling capacity:300t/h                       Bucket width: 630mm
C-C distance: 27.80m                             Bucket speed: 1.65m/s
End user name: China Grain Reserves Management Group

bucket elevator for fertilizer

bucket elevator coal ash powder

Equipment model: TDG500-26.50         Handling material: Fertilizer
Handling capacity: 150t/h                        Bucket width: 500mm
C-C distance: 26.50m                              Bucket speed: 1.68m/s
End user name: Yunnan Yuntianhua Co., Ltd

Equipment model: NE200-18.60         Handling material: coal ash powder
Handling capacity: 180t/h                    Bucket width: 600mm
C-C distance: 18.60m                           Bucket speed: 0.5m/s
End user name: CHNG Qingdao Power Generation Co.,Ltd

Technical Specifications
Belt Type Bucket Elevator 
Model TDG250 TDG315 TDG400 TDG500 TDG630 TDG800 TDG
72 101 158 220 348 492 788 1220 1541
Bucket Volume
6.5 10 16 25 40 64 102 161 255
325 360 420 460 520 580 650 720 820
Belt & bucket 
33 33.2 42.2 62.3 78.53 106 145 155.5 223
Speed (m/s) 1.34 1.34 1.5 1.5 1.68 1.65 1.86 1.86 1.836
Max lift height
80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80

Chain Type Bucket Elevator 
Model Capacity/
Spindle Speed/ (r/min) Bucket Operation Part
Quality (kg/m)
Volume/L Width/mm Pitch/mm
NE15 15 0.5 15.54 2.5 250 203 27.5
NE30 32 16.45 7.8 300 305 35
NE50 60 16.45 15.7 30 305 64
NE100 110 14.13 35 400 400 89
NE150 170 14.13 52.2 600 400 112.3
NE200 210 10.9 84.6 600 500 134
NE300 320 10.9 127.5 600 500 188
NE400 380 8.3 182.5 700 600 205
NE500 470 7.1 260.9 700 700 223
NE600 600 7.1 330.2 700 700 274
NE800 800 6.2 501.8 800 800 313
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