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Steep Incline Conveyor

The Steep Incline Conveyor is a kind of material handling equipment that is suitable for horizontal, inclined, and vertical transportation of nearly all types of bulk materials, and it belongs to a group of equipment known as steep and vertical conveyors. Angles from 0° to 90° are possible due to specially formed pockets. At 90° the tension rollers can be omitted, and you can save money by not having to do maintenance on them. It is possible to do away with the need for extra material transfer and extra equipment if you divert a horizontal belt to an inclined angle or a vertical angle. The material being transported vertically can be discharged from a sidewall belt conveyor at an angle of up to 180°.
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Large Angle Conveying For Reduce Conveying Length
1. Steep incline conveyors are simply slotted belt conveyors located on slopes. Traditional belt conveyors are usually ineffective when the inclination is greater than 22 degrees, because the material on the belt is slipping as a major problem. In contrast, steep slope conveyors can transport materials at inclines of up to 90°.
2. Compared with the traditional Belt conveyor, the steep inclined conveyor reduce conveying length for save nstallation space, and is more suitable for the limited space in the factory.

steep inclined conveyor and belt conveyor difference

steep inclined conveyor and belt conveyor introduction
1.Less Space Requirement
Steep Incline Conveyor can achieve large angles or vertical conveying, thus reducing the footprint, saving the construction cost.

2.Low Energy Consumption
Steep Incline Conveyor can large angles or vertical conveying which can greatly reduce conveying length, so as to effectively reduce power requirements.

3.Flexible Layout
The flexible layout of Steep Incline Conveyor can be effectively reduced number of equipment and transfer points.

4.Environmentally Friendly
The unique structure of Steep Incline Conveyor can effectively reduce material leakage, improve working condition, protect the environment.

5.Automatic Tension Adjustment
The tail of the Steep Incline Conveyor uses a screw take-up device to automatically tension the belt in the running processes.
STEEP INCLINE CONVEYOR Applications In Various Industries
steep inclined conveyor
Construction materials industry: transportation of cement, lime, limestone, clinker, bypass dust, secondary fuels, etc.

Waste conditioning for transportation of waste material: fluff, secondary fuels, etc.

Power-generating plants: transporting coal, ashes, ground limestone, gypsum, etc.

plastics production: transporting plastic granules, etc.

Chemical industry: transport of powdered materials, granulates, minerals, etc.

steep incline conveyor belt
Steep Incline conveyor belting acts as a barrier to keep materials from falling off the belt and is ideal for situations where products convey on an incline or decline. Corrugated sidewalls have a flexible design that’s compatible with both small and large pulley diameters. Our sidewall conveyor belts will help maximize product load capacity to improve your conveyor systems overall efficiency, resulting in bottom line growth.
 steep inclined conveyor belt model
Base Belt
Critical component for the reliable operation of the sidewall conveyor Belt is the incorporation of fabrics or metallic wires that provide necessary transverse rigidity to the base belt.
The sidewall conveyor belt base uses the most advanced fabrics for this application, to provide superior stability and resist the substantial forces at the critical flexing points, preventing deformation of the belt whilst retaining longitudinal flexibility.
steep inclined conveyor base belt
The range of sidewalls comprises many different heights, ranging from 40mm up to 600mm.
All sidewalls are available with a reinforcing textile insert, which recommended for heights from 140mmand necessary from 160mm.
The design of the sidewall offers a good vertical resistance giving greater stability to the belt and
maintaining a high degree of flexibility making it suitable for the use on smaller pulley sizes.
steep inclined conveyor belt sidewall

The production of our transverse cleats or profiles is always by moulding in a press,resulting in a superior and consistent finish. The qualities of rubber used will be a function of the characteristics of the material and products to be transported, always fulfilling the most demanding tolerances of wear resistance and abrasion strength. We can offer the profiles manufactured with textile inserts as reinforcement, this being advisable for cleat profile heights greater than 140 mm.
steep inclined conveyor belt cleat

steep inclined conveyor belt package and deliver

Selection instructions
sidewall belt conveyor 1.Material to be conveyed:______

2.Handling capacity: ______ t/h

3.Bulk Density:______ t/m3

4.Max. Granule size of the feeding material:______ mm

5.Max.Granule's percentage in whole material:______ %

6. Please refer to the drawing to provide the corresponding size: L1=______ m; L2=______ m; L3=______ m; α=______ °

7.What equipment is used to feed the material into the sidewall belt conveyor:______ 

8.What equipment is used to discharge the material from the sidewall belt conveyor :______

9.Working power supply: ______ V ______ HZ

10.Does the sidewall belt conveyor work alone or with other equipment to form a system? If forming a system, do you have preliminary design or hand-drawn sketch? If have, please send it to our engineer for reference.

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