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Mineral Sizer

Mineral sizer is a type of graded crushing equipment that can be used in coal, mining, electricity and other industries. The working principle of material crushing is realized by cutting and streching, which can embed the material to a large extent and improve the biting ability toeffectively avoid more powder production. Our mineral sizers have the advantages of large processing capacity, light weight, small size, less infrastructure and low input cost. Mineral sizer is mainly composed of base support, box body, crushing roller, coupling, reducer, hydraulic coupling, explosion-proof motor, lubrication device, running gear and so on.
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Compact Dimensions Low Profile
Our mineral sizers guarantee the smallest size and the
lightest weight in comparison to other types of crushers
with the same processing capacity.
mineral sizer comparison

Minimal Fines Generation
The particle size of the broken product is uniform,
the situation of excessive particle size and excessive
crushing is lower than that of conventional crusher are
lower than that of the conventional crusher, and the
mineral is broken by low-speed shear and tensile, so
the fines produced is also less.

Appropriate For Crushing Hard, Soft,
Vicious And Other Materials

According to the characteristics of different materials,
our engineers have developed tooth profiles suitable 
for handlinghard, soft and viscous materials.

mineral sizers for many of toothed roller

Automated Operation
We are a professional mineral sizers manufacturer,
we not only provide high quality equipment, but also
provide a complete smart mine system, combined
with monitoring, infrared sensors, Internet of things
and other advanced technology to protect the safety
of our customers.

Simple And Safe Maintenance
The modular design adopted, according to
the customer needs and the site environment
restrictions, the equipment can be modular
design and production, convenient equipment
installation and daily maintenance.

Mineral sizer Brochure
For more details on mineral sizers, click here to download borchure(pdf)
mineral sizer application 
Primary Crusher Technical Specifications
Model 2PLF800 2PLF1000 2PLF1200 2PLF1500
Teeth Roller Dia (mm) 800 1000 1200 1400
Roll length (mm) 1500-2500 1500-3000 1500-3000   2000-3500 
Max feed size (mm) 800 1000 1200 1500
Output size (mm) ≤300 ≤300 ≤300 ≤300
Capacity (t/h) ≤2000 ≤3500 ≤6000 ≤10000
Secondary Crusher Technical Specifications
Model 2PLS600 2PLS800 2PLS1000 2PLS1200
Teeth Roller Dia  ( mm ) 600 800 1000 1200
Roll length(mm) 1000-2500 1500-3000 2000-3500 2000-4000
Max feed size (mm) 200 300 350 400
Output size (mm) 50-80 50-100 50-120 50-140
Capacity  ( t/h ) 250-800 500-2000 600-3000 800-4000
Selection instructions

1.Which material to be crushed:______
2.Handling capacity:______t/h.
3.Bulk material density: ______t/m3
4.The material compressive strength:______Mpa
5.The material HGI (hardgrove grindability index) range:
6. Material particle distribution percentage?
7.Max. grain size of the feeding material: ______mm
8. What is the grain size of the finished product after crushing?
9.What equipment is used to feed the material into the sizer?
10.What equipment is used to discharge the material from the sizer?
11.As we know,the sizer should form a system with other equipment, do you have preliminary design or hand-drawn sketch? If have, please send it to our engineer for reference.

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