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Mineral Sizer for Huaneng Qingyang Hetaoyu Mine Renovation Project

Project Name: Huaneng Qingyang Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd. No. 1 Hetaoyu Mine Screening Tower Renovation Project
Equipment : Mineral Sizers                                                                          Equipment Model: 2PGL100/150
Material : Coal                                       Capacity: 1200 t/h                          Roller Diameter: 1000 mm
Roller Width: 1500 mm                          Quantity: 2                                     Application: Coal
Country/Region: China                          Project Time: May 2016 
Customer Name: Huaneng Qingyang Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd.
Twin Shaft Mineral Sizers
The Hetaoyu mine coalfield is located in the southwestern part of Zhengning county, It has 2,208.03 Mt coal resource and 1,209.53 Mt design recoverable reserve. Minefield contains three layers of recoverable coal, which can be used as power coal, civil coal and chemical coal.The mine uses the main inclined shaft, auxiliary vertical shafts and return air shafts for mixed development. The length of the main inclined shaft is 5853m, the depth of the auxiliary shaft is 1005m, and the depth of the return air shaft is 987m. Mine design production capacity 8.0Mt/a, service life 109.8a.
Raw coal crushing has always been an extremely important production link in the coal plant and directly related to the coal plant's various production technical indicators and economic benefits.
After the bidding and was finally awarded, Huaneng Qingyang Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd. chose two 2PGL100/150 Mineral Sizers from our company, Henan Excellent Machinery Co., Ltd. The processing capacity is 1200t/h, the diameter of the mineral sizers' tooth roller is 1000mm, and the width of its tooth roller is 1500mm. The performance indicators have reached the international advanced level.
The advantages of 2PGL100/150 Mineral Sizers provided by our company:
1. Large crushing capacity, low noise, low crushing of broken materials.
2. The whole structure is compact, small size, high production capacity.
3. The double mechanical protection function of the safety pin and the torque-limiting fluid coupling is adopted, and the equipment runs smoothly and safely.
4. The function of automatic cleaning of materials, without clogging. The particle size is stable.
5. Electronic control using PLC control, a high degree of automation.
6. Modular design improves the versatility of the equipment accessories and reduces the cost of routine maintenance.
7. The gear roller bearing adopts multi-point dry oil pump centralized lubrication, which is safe, reliable, convenient and quick. 

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