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Conveyor Idler

The conveyor idler is an important part of any conveyor system because they are used to effectively support the conveyor belt and bulk materials. Conveyor idlers consist of housing, shaft, bearing, housing, seals and snaps. We mechanical conveyor idlers has unique structure, reasonable accessories, accurate assembly, large capacity and long service life.
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idler components feature

idler components feature and processing technology

Basic Information
Standard JIS / CEMA / DIN / ISO / GB / AS / GOST
Idler Dia 60-250mm
Idler Length 150—3000mm Face Length
Shaft Dia 20-60mm
Bearing Size 6204-6312
Bearing Brands SKF, FAG, NSK, LYC, HRB, or ZWZ
Seal Type Labyrinth Seal Structure

Types of Idlers
carrying idler

return idler

                                  Trough Idler
Trough idlers are the most commonly used on the belt conveyor.
The groove angles of EXCT trough idler sets are 10°,20°,35°,45°, and can customize production according to different standards by customers, such as JIS, CEMA, DIN, ISO, GB, AS, GOST.

                                       Return Idler
The return idlers are used to support the belt to prevent stretching and sagging.
EXCT return idler sets consist of a single idler mounted on two drop brackets.
impact idler

 Comb idler

                               Impact Idler

The impact idlers are generally installed in the area where the belt conveyor receives materials.
The surface of the impact idler is rubber ring which absorb impact forces and minimize the damage of materials to the belt. 
                                       Comb Idler
The comb idler can prevent the belt from deviating and clean the adhesive on the belt
Especially, when the belt conveyor transports sticky materials, the most difficult problem to solve is how to remove the materials stuck on the belt. EXCT's comb idlers are one of the best options to solve this problem.
 Self aligning idler

Self Aligning return idler

                           Self Aligning Trough Idler

Installing a certain number of self-aligning idlers on the belt conveyor can effectively prevent the belt from deviating, thus preventing the material from leaking from the belt.
                            Self Aligning Return Idler
The self-aligning return idler can effectively solve the deviation problem of return belt.
EXCT self-aligning return idler have the ability to pivot at the center guided by edge rollers which in turn aligns the belt.

1. Supply the various sizes of steel rollers to meet customers' require.
2. Automatic simultaneous welding, CNC milling of bearing housings.
3. Use cold drawn round steel with high surface accuracy as the shaft material.
4. Adopt precision deep-groove ball bearing of international well-known brand. 
5. The Conveyor Idler has good dynamic and static balance performance.
6. Low Conveyor Idler drag and friction to protect the belt.
7. Uniquely labyrinth seals design for definitely water/dust proof.
8. Low total indicated runout (T.I.R.), Less vibration.
9. Making sure long lifetime operation.


EXCT has advanced automatic-flexible Conveyor Idler production line, which ensures that the Conveyor Idler rotational damping coefficient, radial run-out,axial displacement and other key performance indicators can meet different national and industry standards.
Please refer to:  https://www.youtube.com/embed/NqEgo3_lADg

conveyor idlers

Selection instructions
idler/roller drawing
We can give you the exactly quotation, advanced technology support and more effective overseas installation and maintenance services, please give us the following information:
                       L1 : ______mm                                                             L2: ______mm
                       L3 : ______mm                                                              C: 
                         b : ______mm                                                            φD:______ mm
                       φd :______ mm

Other idler models

As for limitation of page's length,we don't display all our products here. We can produce according to your customized request.
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