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Belt Sway Switch & Pull Cord Switch

Belt sway switch is also called Run Off Switch. This switch allows the conveyor to run smoothly and prevents damage due to excessive rocking caused by uneven material loading, abrasion of the idler roller etc.
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Belt Sway Switch

Once belt conveyors occur any sway or deviation. Belt sway switch sends out an alarm signal and an emergency stop signal.It is used in mines, cement, iron and steel, building materials, mining, power, ports, metallurgy, and chemical industries with belt conveyors deviation detection.

Belt Sway Switch Installation and Adjustment
1.The deviation switch is set on both sides of the conveyor belt. The vertical roller should be perpendicular to the conveyor belt edge plane, and the two sides of the conveyor belt should be located at 1/3 of the vertical roller height.
2.Offset switch : The distance between the normal position of the vertical roller and the conveyor belt should be 50—100mm.
3.The number of deviation switches should be determined according to the length, type and arrangement of the conveyor. Should generally be set in the convey or head, tail, convex arc, concave arc and in the middle of the conveyor (Note: When the conveyor is long, one pair can be set every 30 to 35 meters in the middle of the conveyor).

4.The deviation switch should be connected with the middle frame of the conveyor through the mounting bracket. The switch bracket should be welded with the conveyor frame after the conveyor is installed. The deviation switch and the deviation switch bracket are fixed with bolts. 

Pull Cord Switch

When the belt conveyor needs downtime, pull cord switch action will stop the conveyor. So the pull cord switch is often referred to as an "emergency stop switch."

Pull Cord Switch Features

Using high-strength aluminum alloy precision die-cast housing, strong impact resistance.
High degree of protection of the shell, good sealing, dustproof, waterproof, anti-condensation.
Large contact capacity, sensitive operation, reliable performance.
Plastic wire rope moisture, acid, flame retardant.
With waterproof junction box, the field control cable can be directly connected to the wiring chamber, to prevent cable joints damp and virtual.
Self-locking after pull rope switch action, the warning sign is automatically turned into alarm state, which is convenient for on-site personnel to accurately identify.
Belt Sway Switch Technical Specifications
Environment temperature -40~+50°
Relative humidity 0~95%
Atmospheric pressure 80~110kpa
Contact mode & quantity First:1*SPDT;Second:1*SPDT
Load current AC380V  3A,DC24V  3A
Electrical Life >100,000 times
Operation force 75~100N
First action Angle XLPP-I:15°,XLPP-II:15°,XLPP-III:20°
Second action Angle XLPP-I:30°,XLPP-II:35°,XLPP-III:40°
Limit angle 75°
Reset mode Automatic reset
Protection grade IP67

 Pull Cord Switch Technical Specifications
Environment temperature -40~+50°
Relative humidity 0~95%
Atmospheric pressure 80~110kpa
Contact mode & quantity 2*SPDT
Load current AC380V  3A,DC24V  3A
Electrical Life >100,000times
Operation force 75~100N
Action angle 30°
Limit angle 75°
Reset mode XLLS-I:Automatic  XLLS-II:Manual
Protection grade IP67

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