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Belt Sway Switch

Belt sway switch is also called Run Off Switch. This switch allows the conveyor to run smoothly and prevents damage due to excessive rocking caused by uneven material loading, abrasion of the idler roller etc.
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Belt Sway Switch

These switches are designed for the safety of people and machines to avoid accidents and to stop the machine in an emergency.
In belt conveyors, belt sway can result from uneven loading, misalignment of the idler set, and worn surfaces. Belted sway switches are useful to limit belt swings to tolerable limits. It is best to install the belt swing switch every 15 to 20 meters on both sides of the belt conveyor.

1. Smooth movement of roller ensures long life.
2. Automatic Reset when belt resumes normal Position.
3. Switches are protected against accidental over travel of the operating lever.
4. Standardized design and moulded construction allows interchangeability of parts.
Output Contacts 1NO+1NC or 2NO+2NC contacts are available as per customer requirement.
Termination Suitable to accept 2.5 mm sq conductors. Separate earthing studs   are provided
Housing DMC or Cast Aluminium, Dust and Water tight to IP – 65 grade.  Cast Iron Enclosure available optionally
Contact Rating 16 Amp at 440V AC on resistive load. They are suitable for lower   rating also. (e.g. 5A at 240V AC)
Service life Reliable action 100,000 times
Model Acting force Contact rating Switch action Angle Weight Protection level
    Normal open Normal close First Grade Second
Limiting Angle    
XKPT1 -12-30 20-70N 2 2 12° 30° 75° 3.5KG IP65
XKPT1 -10-45 20-70N 2 2 10° 45° 75° 3.5KG IP65
XKPT1 -20-35 20-70N 2 2 20° 35° 75° 3.5KG IP65

Installation method
belt sway switch
1.The deviation switch shall be installed on both sides of the belt conveyor, and the position of the deviation switch should be such that the vertical roller is perpendicular to the belt side plane and the belt side edge is fixed at 1/4-1/3 of the roller in a suitable position.
2.The distance between the vertical roller and the belt should normally be within the natural offset of the belt, plus 50~100 mm.
3.3. The deviation switches are mounted in pairs at the head, tail and intermediate positions. In general, three pairs of tapes having a length of 100 meters are suitable.
4.After the mounting bracket is welded or bolted to the machine frame, tighten the running switch to the mounting bracket with bolts. 
belt sway switch

Project: Belt Sway Switch Used for Coal Belt Conveyor Protect System
Quantity: 40 pcs        Application: Coal Industry
Customer: NeiMengGu Shang Tong Coal Co., Ltd.

belt sway switch used for belt conveyor in sand plant

Project: Belt Sway Switch Used for Belt Conveyor Protect System In Sand Plant
Quantity: 30 pcs        Application: Construction Industry
Customer: ChongQing Heda Sand  Co., Ltd.
belt sway switch used for belt conveyor in Steel Mills Project: Belt Sway Switch Used for Belt Conveyor Protect System In Steel Mills
Quantity: 32 pcs        Application: Mining Industry
Customer: Anyang Steel Mills Co., Ltd.
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