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Central Chain Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevators are used for continuous vertical transport of everything from fine-grained to coarse-grained materials and free-flowing to non-free-flowing (cohesive) materials. Even materials that are difficult to transport can be transported with our bucket elevators, even to great heights. Constant improvements in bucket elevators make it possible to reach very high throughput rates.
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Central Chain Bucket Elevator
Central Chain Bucket Elevator for Hebei Jinlong 2500t/d Clinker Production Line
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how it works

EXCT supplies high-performance bucket elevators with central chain for high conveying capacities and tall centre distances. All elevators provide a close bucket pitch. Thus the bulk material is feed directly to the buckets and scooping of bulk material from the elevator boot is avoided to a maximum extend. The discharge of bulk material at the elevator head is affected by means of centrifugal force. A friction drive between the segmented drive ring and the central chain provides the torque transmission and allows velocities.

If you need elevator buckets, please click: https://www.exctmach.com/products/spare-parts/elevator-buckets.html

Material flow with minimal spillage due to closely arranged buckets
Suitable for abrasive, hot, coarse and fine materials
High capacity, long service life,minimal operational costs,hermetically sealed against dust and gas
Heavy-duty design: heat-resistant and wear-resistant, even with abrasive materials
Stainless steel can be used if needed
The drive wheel adopts no-tooth friction drive to ensure smooth operation of the equipment.
Perfect, specific and scientific manufacturing process ensures high precision of every part of the chain
The structure is made of forceps hardened steel bearings and tail weight. This structure is low investment, convenient maintenance and replacement, and high equipment reliability. Therefore the operation is reliable, stable, low noise, and good sealing performance.


Central Chain Bucket Elevator Technical Specifications
304.7 Series Single chain & bucket        
Model Bucket width(mm) Volume(L) Distance Speed(m/s) Capacity(m3/h) Speed(m/s) Capacity(m3/h)
ZYL280 280 8.9 304.7 1.28 100 1.42 110
ZYL500 500 15.5 304.7 1.28 175 1.42 195
ZYL630 630 19.5 304.7 1.28 220 1.42 245
355.6 Series Single chain & bucket        
Model Bucket width(mm) Volume(L) Distance Speed(m/s) Capacity(m3/h) Speed(m/s) Capacity(m3/h)
ZYL500D 500 29 355.6 1.68 340 1.86 380
ZYL600 600 35 355.6 1.68 440 1.86 490
ZYL720 720 41.9 355.6 1.68 530 1.86 590
ZYL800 800 46.6 355.6 1.68 590 1.86 660
ZYL900 900 52.4 355.6 1.68 670 1.86 740
ZYL1000 1000 58.2 355.6 1.68 740 1.86 830
355.6 Series Double chain & bucket        
Model Bucket width(mm) Volume(L) Distance Speed(m/s) Capacity(m3/h) Speed(m/s) Capacity(m3/h)
ZYL600*2 600(2 pcs) 70 355.6 1.68 880 1.86 980
ZYL720*2 720(2 pcs) 83.8 355.6 1.68 1060 1.86 1180
ZYL800*2 800(2 pcs) 93.2 355.6 1.68 1180 1.86 1320
ZYL900*2 900(2 pcs) 104.8 355.6 1.68 1340 1.86 1480
ZYL1000*2 1000(2 pcs) 116.4 355.6 1.68 1480 1.86 1660
Remark:The capacity is calculated by the filling factor k0.33

Selection instructions
Central Chain Bucket Elevator Drawing
Material to be processed:______                                              Handling capacity:______t/h
Bulk Density: ______t/m3                                                          
Water content:______%
H1= Lifting height of the elevator = vertical distance from inlet to outlet):______
H2= Vertical distance of chain from the elevator head to tail:______
H3= Vertical distance from the ground to the top of elevator :______
Please be sure to give us the H1 ( lifting height of the elevator ), it can help our engineers to analyze, then we can supply the exactly advanced technology support and services).
Material temperature:______℃;                                                 Working environment temperature: ______ ℃
Material is corrosive or not:______ (Ps. Yes or No)              
Max. granule size of the feeding material:______mm                 Max. granule’s percentage in whole material:______ %
Upstream equipment (using for feed the material): _____          Downstream equipment (using for discharge the material):______
Whether needing supporting equipment?
______(Ps. Yes or No)
Working power supply: ____________HZ                               Quantity:______
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