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Coal Crushing Plant

Coal crushing plant is the production line of a large-scale open-pit mining era. It integrates raw materials feeding, crushing, conveying, screening, dust removal, and quick-installing systems into one unit.
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Middle of Xinchang North Line, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, China

EXCT Coal Crushing Plant mainly crushes raw coal mine from opencast working, passes the primary crushing, secondary crushing, even tertiary crushing, then enters into screening system, finally reaches the clients’ specified size. The whole production line includes Crushing system, Screening system, Feeding system, Conveying system and Electrical system etc.

Equipped with roller crusher, to a large extent simplify the equipment configuration of the entire system, reduce investment funds and shorten the construction period.
Strong crushing capacity and processing capacity to meet the needs of large-scale open-pit mining.
The system is equipped with a complete dust removal system, intelligent electrical system, remote monitoring system, and weighing and loading system, which fully embodies the concept of “sustainable development and people-oriented”.
The core components adopt international famous brands (Simens, SEW, SKF, ABB, etc.) to ensure the high reliability of the system.
Based on years of experience and advanced design concepts, using pre-screening design concepts for some conditions, improve the quality of user products while reducing energy consumption.
Super processing capacity.
Diversified product granularity, compact structure and stable operation.
Quick installation and adjustment, convenient civil engineering and steel structure construction.


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