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Municipal Solid Waste Recycling System

The municipal solid waste recycling system adopts uniform waste feeding, automatic sorting system for large pieces of garbage, large-sized waste crushing system, automatic bag-packing trash, automatic organic crushing system for large pieces, air separation system, magnetic separation system, particle size selection system, and high temperature of organic materials.
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Why Deal With Municipal Solid Waste

In recent years, with the rapid development of society and economy, the phenomenon of rubbish around the city has attracted much attention. It is estimated that by 2020, the annual emissions of urban domestic waste in China will reach 755 million tons. The rapid increase of urban waste discharge has become an important factor constraining economic development, it poses a threat to the living environment of human beings. How to effectively and economically treat these garbage and prevent pollution has increasingly become a hot issue that the whole society needs to address urgently. The city is the largest source of resource consumption. If it is handled improperly, it is also the largest source of pollution.
The expansion of the city’s scale has also exerted enormous pressure on the earth while promoting economic development and social prosperity. Whether or not the city’s internal energy recycling problem can be directly related to whether the concept of sustainable development can be truly implemented and related to economic development. Whether it truly meets the needs of the contemporary people and does not constitute a danger to the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

The Advantages Municipal Solid Waste Recycling System:

1.Discharge standards, No secondary pollution
The pyrolysis and gasification incineration process is completed under strict control of the temperature and air volume in each stage, and the flue gas emission fully meets the national standards. In particular, it has a significant effect in suppressing the production of dioxins. This is the biggest difference between this equipment and the direct waste incineration technology.
2. No need to add auxiliary fuel
In addition to the need to rely on outside energy for the first ignition, there is no need to add any auxiliary fuel during the process, that is, it can be operated in a stable and sustainable manner.
3.Automatic control, Stable operation
Through sensor signal feedback, the PLC program automatically adjusts the start and stop of the motor and variable frequency speed control to achieve full automation of the entire operation process, enabling stable combustion temperature control. All the instructions, real-time display and monitoring are all set on the touch panel of the control cabinet. It is simple and clear, easy to operate, safe and reliable, and has a long service life.
 4. Integrated overall design
Combining medium and low temperature gasification, high temperature combustion and dust removal measures, integrated design is adopted to achieve compact, miniaturized, easy installation and operation.
5. Wide range of waste disposal, low operating costs, significant economic benefits
Simple classification after garbage collection can be handled directly, and various types of garbage can be incinerated and the application range is very wide. The normal operation requires only 2-3 persons and consumes little power. No separate dust removal device is required, the maintenance cost is low, and the thermal energy of the waste can be fully recovered. The production of hot water and steam is very cost-effective.
6. Technical know-how: Unique built-in pre-drying device
The use of a combustion chamber heat to preheat the dry refuse, increase the temperature and calorific value of the garbage into the furnace, reduce the height of the dry layer of the furnace, and improve the adaptability to high-moisture waste. The unique primary air supply method is different from the usual pyrolysis gasifier. The design primary air includes air, pre-dried water vapor and low-boiling combustible gas, which are fed into the furnace by a single blower. A primary air pipe is buried in the burning material, from the upward, downward and radial direction to the pyrolysis gasification layer, combustion layer, burnout layer, providing gasification agent (water vapor), oxygen and auxiliary fuel (combustible Gas), making the combustion more intense and full, increasing the content of combustible components in the flue gas.

Municipal Solid Waste Recycling Line

 1.Garbage entering the factory is first unloaded to the loading platform, and the loader is sent to the plate conveyor. Then the garbage is sent to the manual sorting platform through the belt conveyor. Here, the sorting worker picks up large items in the rubbish and hazardous waste.
2.After manual sorting, the garbage enters the bag-breaking machine. The broken bag can tear the bagged garbage in the garbage for subsequent processing.
3. After the bag is broken, the waste is sent to the trommel screen by the belt conveyor. The organic matter is selected and the organic matter is selected by the suspended magnetic separator.
4. The magnetic material on the sieve screen can be selected by the magnetic sieve, and then sent to the integrated winnowing machine for winnowing. The integrated winnower can sort out heavy materials such as bricks and stones. Rubber, plastic, film paper and other combustibles.
5. The separation of different substances in the waste can be realized according to the customer's needs, with appropriate manual sorting, flotation, water washing, color selection and vortex sorting.
We Have Different Solutions for Sorting Different Wastes
Organic waste can be further processed into organic fertilizers.
Metal waste can be separated and sold directly.
Different kinds of waste plastics and rubber products can be cracked as alternative energy sources.

The Major Equipment
The major equipment of Municipal Solid Waste Recycling Line : Trommel Screen, Magnetic Separator, Slat Conveyor, Manual Sorting Platform, Breaking Bag Machine and Positive Pressure/Negative Pressure Wind Separator.

Trommel Screen
The trommel screen is an important equipment in the integrated disposal of domestic waste. The wheel-bearing wheel core adopts high-strength and high-quality structural steel, and the external injection of polyester composite material is resistant to abrasion, pressure, and acid and alkali. The load-bearing roller shaft is not shaken, and it is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant; the drive unit directly drives the front and rear support wheels for the motor speed reducer, which has stable startup, large driving force, large friction, impact resistance and long service life. The overall equipment is resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion, and the key parts of the keel are all surface-strengthened.
The EXCT trommel screen machine series equipment has the advantages of strong separation ability, high cost performance, adaptability to working conditions, convenient replacement of screen panels, and easy maintenance.

Magnetic Separator
Magnetic separator adopts high remanence and high coercivity rare earth permanent magnetic material as magnetic source, and its magnetic properties are stable and lasting. In order to ensure the magnetic performance is not affected by factors such as ambient temperature and mechanical vibration. The surface of the magnetic material is electroplated and subjected to strict preservation during the assembly process.
The magnetic separator mainly depends on the magnetism to select the magnetic substances in the garbage, so as to achieve the purity of organic materials and the role of scrap metal recycling.

Slat Conveyor
As the first process of the domestic garbage disposal line, the feeding mechanism plays a crucial role in the entire processing line, which determines the processing speed and processing capacity of the entire processing line. EXCT has designed a dedicated slat conveyor for the smooth and reliable operation of the domestic garbage disposal line.
Slat-type conveyor is a common load-bearing conveying equipment. In conjunction with the head-distribution mechanism, the more concentrated waste in a unit time can be transformed into uniform and continuous material form suitable for subsequent processing, and the processing capacity of the entire production line can be improved.

Manual Sorting Platform

The manual sorting platform is mainly used for parts of garbage disposal lines that cannot be separated by machinery. It is mainly used for sorting out large disturbing materials in front of trommel screens and sorting of resource utilization items after tumbler screening . In order to improve the working conditions of sorting workers in waste treatment plants, EXCT has developed a human-oriented new generation of artificial waste manual selection platform after long-term exploration and practice.
In addition to the sorting platform surface that can be used by the sorting workers, this product is also equipped with a color steel room with fresh air conditioning. This has greatly improved the quality of the working environment for sorting workers.

Breaking Bag Machine
With the ever-increasing living standards of the people, the trend of waste bagging is increasingly evident. For integrated garbage disposal lines, bagged garbage will greatly affect its processing efficiency and effectiveness. In order to solve this problem, EXCT has independently developed a bag breaking machine series equipment, which can maximize the breaking of packaging plastic bags of bagged garbage in the raw garbage, and the bag breaking rate is more than 90%. This equipment is widely used in the various garbage comprehensive treatment lines designed by our company and is well received by customers.
Positive Pressure/Negative Pressure Wind Separator
The EXCT positive pressure/negative pressure winnowing machine is one of the main equipments dedicated to stale (mineralized) waste sorting. It is mainly used for the sorting of objects on the screen. According to the density of the material, it can be divided into three categories: heavy material, light material and sundries. The purpose of efficient classification is to use the aerodynamic pressure difference principle.
The main features are good sorting effect, large amount of processing, stable and reliable operation of the equipment, convenient maintenance and strong adaptability to the environment.

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