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Screw Conveyor Spare Parts

The screw conveyor consists of the screw body, the inlet and outlet ports and the drive device. The screw body includes head bearing,tail bearing,hanger bearing,screw, housing,cover plate and base. Drive device consists of motor, reducer, coupling and base. The universal joints, helicoid flighting, hanger bearings and reducers are the important spare parts.
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Screw Conveyor Spare Parts

Universal joint
The universal ball of the screw conveyor is also called universal joint. This product adopts special materials and is processed by special technology. Ultimately there is no crack and no damage to the pattern. It is highly wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant. The ball inside the ball precisely matches with the strict wire mesh to effectively prevent the leakage of dust materials. The inner ball can be rotated 360 degrees in all directions in the four-dimensional space, so it has a multiple angle adjustment switching point, Currently widely used in the feed port installation of pipe screw conveyors, river and lake pumping equipment, port material transfer equipment.

Helicoid flighting
The screw conveyor is a new type of conveying equipment that continuously pushes material using a rotating spiral blade inside a closed circular section housing.
Spiral blades are mainly made of stainless steel screw and carbon steel.
Performance and advantages:
1.Continuous rolling spiral blades are of continuous type, with no welds on the surface, with good overall rigidity, and without the disadvantages of traditional manual welding blades due to welding quality.
2.Continuous rolling spiral blade surface is smooth, shape and precise, which is conducive to material transportation.
3.Continuous rolling spiral blades are easy to install, which can increase production efficiency and reduce costs.
4.Continuous rolling spiral blades are cold-rolled and cold-hardened. The hardness and wear resistance are increased by a factor of two. The outer edge hardness is up to HB240, which greatly improves the service life of the product.
5.The following types of spiral blades can be provided: diameter φ94-Φ500mm, internal diameter φ25-Φ320mm, pitch 72-500mm, plate thickness 3.5mm, 5mm, 8mm continuous cold-rolled spiral blades of various specifications.

Hanger bearing

Screw conveyor hanger bearing is also called hanging bearing, because the hanging bearing is suspended on the inner wall slat or angle steel of the groove top. Because the spiral conveyor hanging bearings are in the conveying material, they are generally called split-type sliding bearings. The bearings are made of powder metallurgy, metal, bronze, cast iron and other anti-friction materials, spiral conveyors in individual In order to reduce frictional resistance. Rolling bearings can also be installed as required, but it is necessary to ensure reliable sealing of the spiral conveyor bearings to prevent dust particles from entering the bearings.
All intermediate bearings of the screw conveyor are lubricated with oil cups fixed on the top of the flat cover plate. Observation holes are opened on the flat cover plate near the bearing to facilitate observation of the bearings and elimination of materials at the bearing locations. Accumulation caused by blocking. Hanging bearing device has good aligning performance and good sealing effect. It is especially suitable for installation on conveyors working in harsh conditions with high speed, high temperature and dust. The hanging bearing device can also use a rolling bearing instead of a sliding sleeve, which has a large capacity, a high speed, and a long service life. It costs less and uses less energy.

Screw Conveyor Reducer

The speed reducer is a power transmission mechanism that utilizes a gear speed converter to decelerate the number of revolutions of the motor to a desired number of revolutions and obtain a mechanism with a large torque. In the mechanism for transmitting power and motion, the application range of the reducer is quite extensive. main effect:
1, reduce the speed at the same time increase the output torque, torque output ratio by motor output by the reduction ratio, but be careful not to exceed the rated torque of the reducer;
2. Deceleration reduces the load inertia at the same time, and the inertia reduction is the square of the reduction ratio.
Grease selection: When selecting the grease according to the reducer bearing load, select a grease with a low penetration for heavy loads. When working under high pressure, in addition to the small penetration, but also have a higher oil film strength and extreme pressure function.
When greases are selected based on environmental conditions, calcium-based greases are not easily soluble in water and are suitable for drying and less water. When selecting the grease according to the operating temperature, the main indicators should be drop point, oxidation stability and low temperature performance. The dropping point can generally be used to evaluate the high temperature performance. The actual operating temperature of the bearing should be lower than the dropping point of 10-20°C. The use temperature of synthetic grease should be lower than the dropping point 20-30 °C. Different lubricants are prohibited from mixing with each other. The position of the oil level plug, the oil drain plug and the aerator is determined by the mounting position. For vertically mounted gearboxes, additional lubrication measures are used in view of the fact that the lubricating oil may not guarantee reliable lubrication of the uppermost bearing.
Before running, inject proper amount of lubricant into the reducer. Gearboxes are usually equipped with oil injection holes and drain plugs. Therefore, it is necessary to specify the mounting position when ordering the gear head. The working oil temperature cannot exceed 80°C.

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