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Elevator Buckets

Our elevator buckets are made of HDPE, nylon, polyurethane, carbon steel and stainless steel. Different bucket types and sizes, more than twelve different bucket types are available for agricultural and industrial applications and can directly replace many other international brands. Unique bucket design, with a number of patents.
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Raw Materials of Elevator Buckets

HDPE: Tough and flexible, suitable for handling particles without sharp edges, foods and other products, and materials with small volume density .
Nylon: Impact and abrasion resistance, better heat resistance, ideal for handling hot, abrasive and viscous products.
Mild Steel : Universal, long life, for agricultural and industrial products.

Capacity increase and weight reduction : Non-metallic drums reduce elevator weight by up to 80% while increasing the capacity of cast iron buckets by 25%.
Construction : Non-metallic barrels provide, non-corrosive, non-sparking properties. With thicker walls and thick excavated front lips, all construction materials are heat resistant, impact resistant and abrasion resistant.
Reduce elevator maintenance : Extended bucket life, reduces elevator downtime and maintenance costs associated with bucket replacement. Buckets are easy to install and can be replaced with a variety of fasteners.
Cost Savings : Lighter weight reduces energy consumption compared to carbon drums. Non-metallic barrels provide a more cost-effective alternative to carbon steel drums.
Increase efficiency : The cleaner unloading bucket reduces material build-up at the bottom of the tank to maximize product yield.
Selection instructions

The elevator buckets need to be connected with other traction components, its size requirements are very high, so please provide the elevator buckets’ drawings, we can OEM the exactly elevator buckets for you.

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