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Mobile Belt Conveyor

The mobile belt conveyor is different from the traditional fixed belt conveyor in design. The whole structure is light and reasonable, it can be widely used for indoor and outdoor loading-transfer operations of bulk materials,packaged materials and light industry products .
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Mobile belt conveyor is different in design from the traditional fixed belt conveyor. The structure of the whole machine is light and reasonable, and because of its good traffic, it can be widely used in indoor and outdoor vehicles transfer operation for food, bulk materials, light industry and packaging.
Mobile belt conveyor consists of large frame, walking wheel, universal wheel, and lifting device. In the ordinary case, the fuselage is made of steel pipe to reduce its own weight and improve the mobility and lightness of the belt conveyor. The lifting device is an electric lifting device, which reduces the danger caused by manual lifting and the working intensity.
portable belt conveyor structure

1.Lifting height can be adjusted according to actual needs.
2.Using an electronic control box to regulate, realizes equipment’s automation, avoids manual operation and saves human resources.
3.Equipped with universal wheels, due to the light weight, the mobile belt conveyor can be moved to anywhere for more working conditions.
4.Installing the guide slot and baffle at the tail, to avoid the material falling when feeding , and this design is more reasonable and humanized.
5.According to conveying direction, it can also be designed for downward conveying, which can be used for unloading. Therefore, the mobile belt conveyor is also called loading belt conveyor or unloading belt conveyor.
6.Depending on the environment and conditions, the moveable wheel can be replaced with a pneumatic tire, which is convenient for the user while preventing crushing the ground.
7.The conveyor belt of the portable belt conveyor can also be replaced with the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance according to the user's needs, it is convenient for use in chemical, pharmaceutical and other special industries.
conveyor belt

Conveyor belt
Polyester canvas,nylon canvas and steel rope as the skeleton.
Good impact resistance and high anti-tearing strength of conveyor belt.
The conveyor belt is resistant to fatigue and impact.
The conveyor belt has good groove formation and low elongation.
Good thermal stability under the same size specifications.
The conveyor belt has high wet strength.

Driving device
Brand of driving device can choose on your request.
International brands like SEW, ABB, SUMITOMO, SIEMENS.
China brand like Yutong,Tailong,Guomao,Taixing,Nangaochi.
Powerful enclosed and compact efficient motor drive
Shaft mounted and underslung gearbox reducer.
Optimization YOX & YOT constant filling hydrodynamic coupling.
Good balance and strong braking force Brake.
 pulley Pulley
High coefficient of surface friction;
Autoomatic welding machine of outer ring seam of pulley;
For big enviroment humidity and long distance belt conveyor;
New technology of Pillow block ball bearing;
Hydraumatic symmetric three-roll bending machine;
Pulley inner ring seam automatic welding machine.

Supply the various sizes of steel rollers to meet customers' require.
Automatic simultaneous welding, CNC milling of bearing housings.
Adopt precision deep-groove ball bearing of international brand. 
Uniquely labyrinth seals design for definitely water/dust proof.
Low total indicated runout (T.I.R.), Less vibration.
Making sure long lifetime operation.

 idler or  roller
 tensioning device

Tensioning device
Screw type or heavy hammer type tensioning device.
The tensioning wheel is a tensioning roller or a tensioning sprocket.

mobile belt conveyor application industry
 portable belt conveyor application industry
portable belt conveyor material
Selection instructions

A:For the bulk material
Material to be processed: ______     
Bulk Density: ______t/m3                                                                        Handling capacity: ______t/h
Material temperature:______℃;                                                              Material is corrosive or not:______Ps. Yes or No)
Working environment temperature:______℃                                          Water content:______%
Working environment:indoor?outdoor?indoor and outdoor?______        Working power supply: ______V ______HZ
Lifting height ( vertical height from ground to loading point ) :______m
Max. lifting height: ______m                                                                     Min. lifting height: ______m
Whether the conveying height can be adjusted :______(Ps. Yes or No)
If it can not be adjusted, please tell us the lifting height______ ; If it can be adjusted, please give us the min lifting height ______and the max lifting height______.        
Max. granule size of the feeding material: ______mm           
Max. Granule’s percentage in whole material:______%
Upstream equipment (using for feed the material):______    
Downstream equipment (using for discharge the material):______                          
Whether needing supporting equipment?______(Ps. Yes or No)               Quantity:______
B:For the bagged material:
Number of conveyed bags per hour:______                                              Weight of full-load bag:______kg
Whether the conveying height can be adjusted :______(Ps.Yes or No)     Max. Lifting height: ______m 
If it can not be adjusted, please tell us the lifting height ;______If it can be adjusted, please give us the min lifting height ______and the max lifting height______.
Please refer to the following picture and provide the relevant size of the full-load bag:L______m, W______m, H______m
Working power supply: ______V______HZ                                                Quantity :______
( If you can provide us the quantity, we can give you the more suitable transportation solutions to save you costs ) 
cement bag on portable belt conveyor

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