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Heavy-Duty Apron Feeder for Heilongjiang Duobaoshan Expansion Project

Project Name: Heilongjiang Duobaoshan Copper Co., Ltd. Phase II Expansion Project
Equipment : Heavy-Duty Apron Feeder                                                                          Equipment Model: GBZ150-7.5
Chain Width: 1500 mm                                     
Application: Mining                                Capacity: 1000 t/h 
The largest particle: 300 mm                            Length: 7.5m                                         Quantity: 1
Material : Porphyry Copper Mine                      Country/Region: China                          Project Time: November 2016
Customer Name: Heilongjiang Duobaoshan Copper Co., Ltd.

heavy duty apron feeder
The phase II expansion project will increase the production capacity by 45,000 t/d. After the expansion, the total production capacity of the mine will be 70,000 t/d. The final products of the mine are copper concentrate and molybdenum concentrate. The total output of the average annual output of the product reached is: copper concentrate: 38.71×104t/a (including 20% copper); molybdenum concentrate: 0.357×104t/a (including molybdenum 45%).
After the completion of phase II expansion project, the total mine production scale will be 70,000 t/d, and the service period will be 23 years. The phase II expansion project will have 2 year infrastructure construction period, production period of 18 years, and reduction production period of 3 years.
The heavy-duty apron feeder GBZ150 supplied by our company, having the length of 7.5m, chain apron width of 1500mm and throughput of 1000t/h.It is suitable for processing coarse-grained materials. It has great adaptability in the using process and is not critical to the relevant conditions. It has the simple structure, durable, easy to use. It can be adjusted transport capacity, saving manpower. Therefore, the heavy-duty apron feeder is particularly suitable for Heilongjiang Duobaoshan Copper Co., Ltd. Phase II Expansion Project.

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