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En-masse Scraper Conveyor for Zhujiang Cement Dust Collector Project

Project Name: Zhujiang Cement Co., Ltd. 5300 t/d Kiln Bag Dust Collector Reconstruction Project
Equipment : En-masse Scraper Conveyor                                                               Material: Cement dust particles
Capacity: 10 t/h                                           Equipment Model: MS20                      Chain Speed: 0.16 m/s
Length: 22.75 m                                          Quantity: 1                                            Application Area: Cement
Country/Region: China                                Project Time: 2013
Customer Name: Zhujiang Cement Co., Ltd.

en-mass scraper conveyor

Guangzhou Zhujiang Cement Co., Ltd.( hereinafter abbreviated to as "Zhujiang Cement" ) is the joint venture between Germany's third-largest cement producer Heidelberg cement co., ltd. and Zhujiang cement plant. The original Zhujiang Cement Plant has a 4,000-t/d clinker production line, which has now reached 5,400 t/d production level after years of renovation: the original kiln was equipped with an imported electrostatic dust collector and the processing capacity was 970000 m3/h.
With the increasingly stringent environmental requirements of Guangzhou city and Heidelberg Zhujiang cement attaching great importance to environmental protection, in order to ensure that the emission concentration of dust reaches the European emission standards. In 2013, the Hefei cement research and design Institute was commissioned to transform the kiln tail electrostatic dust collector. The international advanced bag filter was used to require the emission concentration to reach below 10g/Nm3 after transformation. The en-masse scraper conveyor is installed under the bag dust collector and collects dust from the bag dust collector to the downstream equipment.
The en-masse scraper conveyor is provided by our company Henan Excellent Machinery Co., Ltd., Model MS20, processing capacity is 10 t/h, chain speed is 0.16 m/s, length is 22.75 m,using material’s internal friction and lateral pressure characteristics to ensure stable state between the layers, continuous flow is formed under the action of the conveyor chain.
en-masse scraper conveyor is simple in structure, small footprint; multi-point feeding and discharge. Due to its features of sealed, dust-proof, anti-virus and explosion-proof in the process of transportation, it can improve working conditions and prevent environmental pollution; Meanwhile, it is easy to install and maintain. It is indispensable for the entire project, not only improve dust removal efficiency but also protect the environment.

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