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Screw conveyor for supporting concrete mixing plant

Project Name: Screw conveyor for supporting concrete mixing plant                                       Equipment : Screw conveyor      
Material Name : Sand, stone, cement, flyash, etc.                                                                    Equipment Model : LS250
Capacity: 50 t/h                                                   
Quantity: 8                                                     Rotation Speed: 220 rpm 
Length: 10.65 m                                                  Blade Diameter: 250 mm                               Country/Region: China
Application Area: Building materials                    Project Time: October 2017
Customer Name: Zhengzhou Xinfeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
screw conveyor for building materials
The concrete mixing station is building material manufacturing equipment composed of five-component system: mixing master, material weighing system, material conveying system, material storage system, control system, and other ancillary facilities. The main principle of its work is mixing cement with sand, lime, coal residue and other raw materials, and finally making into concrete.
The screw conveyor belongs to the material conveying system in the mixing station and is responsible for conveying the aggregates of various components into the mixing main machine.
Eight Model LS250 screw conveyors supplied by our company, Henan Excellent Machinery Co., Ltd., with throughput of 50 t/h, blade diameter of 250mm, rotation speed of 220 rpm and length of 10.65m. It uses a rotating screw to transfer the conveyed material along the inside of the fixed casing, forcing that advances the material into the spiral brick is the gravity of the material and the friction of the housing against the material.
The advantages of the LS250 screw conveyor provided by our company: simple structure, small cross-section size, and lower production costs; easy to load and unload in several places; safe and convenient operation; The seal can be well sealed along the entire screw machine cover. Therefore, during the transportation process, the conveyed material can be isolated from the outside and play a good role in protecting the environment.

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