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Air Supported Belt Conveyor for Rizhao Port Grain Storage Project

Project Name: Rizhao Port Grain Storage Project                                             Equipment : Air Supported Belt Conveyor   
Material : Grain                                            Capacity: 1,500 t/h                        Belt Width: 1600 mm    
Belt Speed: 3.15 m/s                                   Application area: Port                    Country/Region: China            
Project Time: June 2016                             Customer Name: Rizhao Port Group Co., Ltd.

air supported belt conveyor for grain
Rizhao storage logistics project of China Reserve Grain Management Corporation has a good location advantage. When imported soybeans arrive at the port, high-speed automatic warehousing will be realized. The two transmission lines can transport 3,000 tons of food into the warehouse every hour. The delivery efficiency is very high, which is very advanced in China. After the completion of the project, the annual processing capacity of Rizhao reached more than six million tons, making it one of the top four grain, oil and oil import processing and distribution bases in China.
The air supported belt conveyor provided by our company has the belt width of 1600mm, belt speed of 3.15 m/s, and the processing capacity of 1500 t/h. It will give full play to the overall strength of China's grain storage and the resources of Rizhao Port, improve the grain circulation efficiency of the port, and consolidate the national grain and oil collection and transportation center. The status of 
air supported belt conveyor has deep strategic significance.

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