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Pipe Belt Conveyor for Yuneng Power Plant Material Handling Project

Project Name: Yuneng Power Plant Material (Coal) Pipe Belt Conveyor Project
Equipment : Pipe Belt Conveyor                         Material : Coal                                   Capacity: 1200 t/h
Diameter: 400 mm                                              Belt Speed: 4 m/s                              Belt Length: 5.4km
Power: 4X710 kw                                                Country/Region: China                      Application Area: Power Plant                                 Customer Name: Puyang Yuneng Power Generation Co., Ltd.                                    Project Time: December 2017

pipe belt conveyor

The starting point of this pipe belt conveyor is the railway power plant station, which passes through four villages: Zhou Village , Qiniangzhai Village, Damoan Village and Liuguai Village; it spans four main roads including Huangjin Middle Road, Liuzhou North Road, Liuxia Road and Huanghe Road. It is the only channel for coal transportation to reach the plant area of Puyang Yuneng Power Generation Co., Ltd. There are several locations closing to the residential area along the line . To solve the environmental problems along the line and effectively ensure the coal no leakage delivery , Puyang Yungeng Power Generation Co., Ltd. chose the energy-saving and environmentally friendly products of Henan Province Excellent Machinery Co., Ltd. This pipe belt conveyor has the horizontal length of 5.4km, conveying capacity of 1200 t/h, belt speed of 4m/s, and the total power of 4X710 kw. The coal of the unloading yard can be continuously transferred to the power plant in 22.5 minutes.

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