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Dewatering Screen for Heidaigou Opencast Coal Preparation Plan

Project: Shenhua Zhungeer Energy Co., Ltd. Heidaigou Opencast Coal Preparation Plant Expansion Project

Customer Name: Shenhua Zhungeer Energy Co., Ltd.                     Equipment: Clean coal dewatering screen 
Screen Area: 3600 mm * 7500 mm                                                    Equipment Model: Tss 3675
Screen Mesh: 1.0 mm                                                                        Material: Clean Coal 
Application: Coal                                                                                Capacity: 120 t/h
Project Time: October 2017                                                               Country/Region: China

dewatering screen

The Heidaigou Opencast Coal Mine belongs to the China Shenhua Group Zhungeer Energy Co., Ltd. It is the key project during the national "85 " plan period. It is the large-scale opencast coal mine designed and constructed by China.
Heidaigou Opencast Coal Mine adopted the clean coal dewatering screen whicn has comprehensive mining process, due to the limited geological conditions. 

The average thickness of the upper loess layer is 49 m, adopted continuous mining process of bucket wheel excavator- rubber belt conveyor-dumping plough; 
The average thickness of the central rock is 56m. The upper layer adopts the intermittent mining technology of single bucket excavator-dump truck. In the lower level, throwing blasting bucket shovels are used for mining;
The average thickness of the lower coal seam is 28.8 m, adopted semi-continuous mining process of the single-bucket excavator - dump truck - semi-moving crushing station - rubber belt conveyor.
Clean coal dewatering screen design uses jigging and washing process. The opencast coal mined coal shall be mined, transported, stored, separated or shuffled. Coals with diameter of less than 13 mm are loaded and transported outside the car after being washed; 
Lump coals with size of 13 to 40 mm are washed by jigs. After the dehydration of dewatering screen, the output clean coal directly enters the coal storage warehouse, the coal is washed again and dehydrated into the coal storage warehouse, and transported from the coal storage warehouse. 

The slime water is pressurized and filtered by a concentrator to achieve closed-circuit circulation, the gangue is discharged, and the resources are reused.
The advantages of clean coal dewatering screen provided by our company Henan Excellent Machinery Co., Ltd:
1.High screening efficiency and increasing the processing capacity of the mill (generally higher 5 to 10 percentage points ).
2.The sifting process controls the granularity of the sieved material strictly, and has the effect of layering according to the density. The high-density small particles easily settle to the sieve surface and pass through the sieve, so the grade of the sieved material can be significantly improved.
3.The clean coal dewatering screen provided by our company does not have the problem of clogging the screen plate, the fine powder cannot be discharged in time and crushing is repeated.
4.Special design, super parts configuration, good wear resistance and long service life.

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