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Vibratory Separator for Cosmetics Industry

Project: Australia zinc carbonate powder production line project
Customer Name: Advance Ast Limited                      Equipment: vibratory separator                
Screen Area: 0.67square meter                                 Equipment Model: XZ-1000-1s                   
Screen Mesh: 212 microns                                        Material: Zinc carbonate powder
Application: cosmetics industry                                  Capacity: 120-240 kg/hr                               
Project Time: 2018.10.12                                           Country/Region: Australia
vibratory separator
The Australia customer is a famous cosmetics raw material production company in the local. According to customer’s requirement the vibratory separator offered by EXCT was delivered to Australia. As we all know, zinc carbonate is used as a light astringent, calamine, skin protectant and raw material for latex products. Zinc carbonate is used medicinally as a skin protectant. With the continuous progress of human society, it is quality of cosmetics on the increasingly high, zinc carbonate powder shoulders of mankind no doubt provide more and more beautiful life of tomorrow. However, the production of zinc carbonate requires the use of vibratory separator, and the vibratory separator play a important role with the needs of industry.
The cosmetics industry is very strict to the vibratory separator of material, the most basic used of vibratory separator points in the field of pharmaceutical industry must be 304 stainless steel material, and the material which contact with equipment parts are not allowed to have impurities pollution. So the rubber accessories must achieve food grade hygiene standards, the cosmetics industry calls for sieving equipment must be through the GMP production standards. It is matter of whether the drugs that pass through the vibratory separator will be contaminated.through the equipment’s demand is high, EXCT is succeed to product the vibratory separator according to customer’s requirement. 
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