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Tumbler Screen

The Tumbler Screen's imitation artificial design principle is a specially designed high-efficiency screening machine to meet the needs of high output and high-precision screening. It is currently the most effective method for simulating the artificial sieving movement.
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How it works

Basic rotary motion is similar to manual screening. Eccentricity adjustable from 25 to 40mm, low-speed V-belt drive adjustable from 120 to 360rpm. The residence time of each product can be adjusted in the direction of the drive axis by the radial and cut angles of the oscillating screen. Therefore establish level and throw 3D tumbling motion. The material is evenly dispersed across the entire screen surface from the center to the outer edge, so that it propagates axially in a spiral motion. Fine particles thus complete the entire screening process. The horizontal and vertical accelerations increase with the movement of the particles, and the particles close to the mesh size are successfully separated; the larger particles are transported to the exit, and the flow is controlled by an adjustable guide at the exit. The guide is controlled. Another factor of material residence time. This process is repeated between each sieve layer.

Low acceleration, long service life of all parts, few product destruction.
Tough modular design, no dead corners, low part weights.
Heavy pyramid base to counterbalance the rotating body.
Good statically and dynamically balanced for vibration free installation in steel structures.
Automatic centering of screening inserts and strong intermediate rings and covers for simple and fast assembly and screen changing.
Provide very high screening characteristics.
Lower motor power compared to conventional screening.
Unique design can provide better dust-proof performance.
Low "G" force to products which reduce damage on products.
Dynamic balance adjustment provides min. vibration to basement.
EXCT developed the advanced Power Springs to reduce maintenance costs and significantly raise safety standards.


Tumbler Screen Technical Specifications
Model Effictive screening diameter(mm) Effictive screening area(m2) Screen slope(°) Layers Power(kw)
YBS-600 600 0.21 0-10 1~5 0.75
YBS-1000 1000 0.66 0-10 1~5 1.1
YBS-1200 1200 0.98 0-10 1~5 2.2
YBS-1600 1600 1.81 0-10 1~5 4
YBS-2000 2000 2.8 0-10 1~5 5.5
YBS-2400 2400 4.15 0-10 1~4 5.5
YBS-2600 2600 5.31 0-10 1~4 5.5
YBS-3200 3200 7.5 0-10 1~4 11
Selection instructions
Material to be processed:______                                                                Handling capacity:______t/h                     
Bulk Density: ______t/m3                                                                            Material temperature: ______℃;  
Material is corrosive or not: ______(Ps. Yes or No)                                     Max. granule size of the feeding material: ______mm          
Layer number: ______                                                                                Mesh size of each layer: ______mm                              
Particle distribution percentage:______
(please check the following example to help you undertand it.Supposing the layer number is 2 and the aperture size of each layer is 8 mm and 3 mm, then you will get 3 kinds of products: X,Y and Z. X≥8 mm; 3mm≤ Y < 8 mm; Z<3mm.
We want to confirm the following information:
1)The percentage of X in the whole material:______%;
2)The percentage of Y in the whole material:______%;
3)The percentage of Z in the whole material:______%;
Upstream equipment (Ps. It means what kind of equipment is used to feed the material):______
Downstream equipment (Ps. It means what kind of equipment is used to discharge the material): ______
Whether needing supporting equipment?______ (Ps. Yes or No)
Working power supply: ______V ______HZ                                                 Quantity:______
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