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Belt Bucket Elevator for Tangshan Steel Desulfurization Project

Project Name: Tangshan Steel Sintering Flue Gas Desulfurization Project Wire Belt Elevator Application Case
Equipment : Belt Bucket Elevator                                                                     Material : Lime powder & Gypsum powder mixture
Capacity: 338 m3/h                       Equipment Model: TGD1000                      Height: 35.74 m
Quantity: 8                                    Application: Metallurgy                                Country/Region: China 
Customer Name: Tangshan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.                             Project Time: 2014

belt bucket elevator

Since 2013, the second ironmaking plant and stainless steel company of Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. have begun to desulfurize for the flue gas of the sintering and have built four desulphurization projects successively.Having selected several N-TGD1000 steel wire belt bucket elevators produced by CNBM (Hefei) Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.As of March 2015, all of the above equipments have been put into operation and operating well.
In 2015, Tangshan Iron and Steel Plate Co., Ltd. also plans to build 4 desulphurization projects, and purchased a number of 
belt bucket elevators in our company, and has signed supply contracts.

Main bidding technical requirements:
(1)The belt bucket elevator is a 
steel wire tape bucket structure. The belt and hopper of the hoisting machine should be wear-resistant and temperature-resistant. The operation should be stable and reliable, and the first round, tail wheel and bearing should have high strength.
(2)High temperature resistant (≤180℃), acid-resistant and alkali-resistant belts are used on the belt.
(3) The 
belt bucket elevator is arranged outdoors, the transmission device and the shell need to be sealed and protected from rain; the motor protection class is IP54, and the insulation class is Class F.
(4)Reasonably set the access door to meet the requirement of rapid maintenance.
(5) The rust and bumps on the outer surface of the belt bucket elevator and its accessories are not allowed. There should be no obvious differences in paint leakage, paint pile, paint flow, foaming, shrinkage and color.
(6) The ash supply capacity of the 
belt bucket elevator guarantees that no ash emission occurs when the maximum delivery volume is 338m3/h. 

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