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Chain Bucket Elevator for Jiaozuo Cement 2500 t/d Clinker Production Line

Project Name: Reconstruction Project of 2500 t/d Clinker Production Line of Jiaozuo Sturdy Cement Co., Ltd.
Equipment : Chain Bucket Elevator                   Material: Cement Clinker            Capacity: 200 T/H
Equipment Model: NE200                                  Height: 26.95m                           Quantity: 2
Application Area: Cement                                  Country/Region: China               Project Time: 2014
Customer Name: Jiaozuo Sturdy Cement Co., Ltd.

chain bucket elevator

Jiaozuo Sturdy Cement Co., Ltd. increased its production capacity to 3,500t/d clinker for the technical transformation of the original 1000t/d clinker production line. This 3500t/d clinker production line will use limestone, iron ore and other raw materials as the new dry process to produce 1.05 million tons of cement clinker annually.
The production process of the project is as follows: After the raw materials are compounded and ground, they are preheated by the preheater into the decomposition furnace, and then enter the rotary kiln for calcination. The clinker is cooled by the chiller and then enters the clinker storehouse.
The equipment used in this important part of the clinker entering the clinker is the NE200 chain bucket elevator provided by our company. The chain bucket elevator has a throughput of 200T/H and a height of 26.95m.
During the entire process of transporting cement clinker to clinker storehouse, the chain bucket elevator conveying capacity is large, the sealing is good, the environmental pollution is small, the operation is stable and reliable, and the operation and maintenance are convenient, the wearing parts are few, and the service life is long.

Therefore, it plays an important role in the equipment improvement project for the 2500 t/d clinker production line of Jiaozuo Sturdy Cement Co., Ltd. 

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