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Middle of Xinchang North Line, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, China

300,000 tons Mortar Production Line

Project : 300,000 tons Mortar Production Line                                           Material : Plastering mortar, masonry mortar
Production Capacity: 60t/h                                                                          Equipment Host Model : S3265, LDH-4500
Application: Construction Industry                                                               
Customer Name: Zhengzhou Yonghua Cement Co., Ltd.
Project Time:December 2016                                                                      
Country/Region: China

dry mix mortar production line
Zhengzhou Yonghua Cement Co., Ltd. ( hereafter referred to as "Yonghua Cement") was established in June 2009 and is located in Zhengzhou City. It is a building material company with clinker-processed cement as its main business.
Considering various factors, Yonghua Cement decided to import mortar production line from our company Henan Excellent Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
The production line is mainly for Yonghua cement industry’s upgrading and transformation to adapt to the complex and ever-changing construction industry. The upstream raw materials’ unstable supply and the environmental protection requirements’ continuous upgrading, these are not conducive to the development of the company.
Yonghua Cement decided to develop the downstream industry through the 
mortar production line on the basis of the original industry. Improve the products’ added value and increase the enterprises’s profitability. Increase product diversity and flexibility to adapt to market development.

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