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Jiangsu Fixed Construction Demolition Recycling System

Project: Jiangsu Fixed Construction Demolition Recycling System                                        Project Time: July 2012
Contractor: Henan Excellent Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.                                                Production output: 200t/h 
Installation Area: Jiangyin city, Jiangsu province.                                                                  Application: Construction waste crushing
Application Requirements: environmentally friendly recycled building materials
Equipment Configuration: Fixed construction waste disposal equipment configured by ZSW vibrating feeder, HCP255 impact crusher, 3YK2160 round vibrating screen, belt conveyor and other equipment.
vibrating feeder, impact crusher, round vibrating screen, belt conveyor
Jiangyin is the modern port garden city. In recent years, the speed of urbanization has accelerated, and the amount of urban construction waste has also increased. The disposal of traditional building rubbish not only wastes business costs, pollutes the environment, but also occupies a large amount of land.
In order to continue to maintain the harmonious environment and reduce the problems caused by construction waste, Our Excellent's fixed construction demolition equipment is used for environmental protection in Jiangyin city, Jiangsu province. Making people enjoy the social civilization’s results by the new type of construction demolition recycling system.
Produced 200 tons of Excellent equipment for this fixed construction demolition recycling system, it can reduce the amount of construction waste dumped from 50,000 tons to 60,000 tons in monthly calculations in Jiangjin city.
The fixed construction demolition equipment is supported with iron remover, air separation equipment and flotation equipment, which can remove impurities. Have produced environmentally friendly building materials, such as environmentally friendly recycled bricks, aggregates, concrete and other finished materials,It can be used in town development, etc.
It not only saves the cost of infrastructure, but also avoids the secondary pollution caused by garbage.

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