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Time:Oct 18th, 2023

The Production And No-Load Testing Of Coal Roller Screen In Malaysia Was Completed

Malaysia's Negeri Sarawak Coal Mine is a giant coal mining conglomerate. Negeri Sarawak is an important coal producer in Malaysia, with 82% of the country's total coal storage by weight, making it the largest city in Malaysia. The new coal company they mine will build a new coal crushing station in July 2023, and it is urgent to buy the corresponding pre-screening system, among which the coal roller screen is its core equipment. Mr. Li, their purchasing manager, searches relevant product purchasing information through google and finds that our product description meets its requirements.
coal roller screen
Therefore, we contacted Nicole, our sales manager, through email and made a comprehensive technical design and plan formulation for the project of Malaysia Coal Company according to the needs and requirements of the customer. In many communications with customers, we fully understand that they have strict requirements for the performance of coal roller screen equipment, processing capacity and material size. To this end, we organize a dedicated technical team to videoconference with customers, and repeatedly modify the technical plan to ensure that the product can fully meet their needs. In the production process, we always adhere to high standards and strict requirements. From raw material procurement to machining to production and assembly, each link has been arranged for professional merchandiser monitoring and reporting system. We have communicated with the technical team of Malaysia Coal Company many times through video conference and repeatedly modified the technical solution to ensure that the product can meet the needs of customers. After many times of communication and modification of our technical solution, we were highly recognized by the customer and got the order of this product. We give the customer a 70-day production lead time.
At the same time, in the entire production process, we strictly in accordance with international standards and factory standards for control and management, to ensure that product quality meets customer expectations. After careful debugging and inspection, we have completed the production of the whole product and entered the 48-hour no-load test machine and load operation stage. This stage is an important link in order to check the gaps and ensure the stability and reliability of product quality. Next, we will arrange the quality inspection team to carry out detailed inspection of more than 20 indicators such as shaft temperature, current, voltage, noise, paint coating and hardness of coal roller screen equipment to ensure that the products reach the optimal state before leaving the factory. We always adhere to the work attitude of being responsible for customers and products, and we continue to promote technological innovation and combine modern industrial means such as the Internet of Things to improve product quality and efficiency.
We are a professional crushing, screening and bulk material handling equipment manufacturer, we have advanced processing equipment and processing technology, strict product quality management system and team, perfect after-sales service process and modern high-tech remote diagnosis system. Through close cooperation with Malaysia Coal, we are confident that both parties will achieve great growth together. Thank you for your interest and recognition of the services provided by our company! Looking forward to more opportunities to cooperate with you in the future!
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