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Linear Vibrating Screen

Linear vibrating screens are used to screen granular bulk materials. According to standard screening principles, materials are screened and separated in very large quantities.
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how it works

The linear vibrating screen is a commonly used closed-type light linear vibratory screening device. It uses vibrating motor as vibration source to make the material jump linearly on the screen of the screening machine, the material evenly enters the feeding port of the linear vibrating screen from the feeding machine. Output through the multi-layer sieve to generate a variety of standard materials, and discharge from each discharge hole.

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Good sealing, little dust spills.
Low energy consumption, low noise, long service life.
Simple structure, high screening accuracy, large processing capacity.
All parts of the sieve body are made by welding steel plates and profiles (parts are bolted together). The overall rigidity is good, firm and reliable.
Can be driven by unbalanced motors or actuator drivers. They are known for their sturdiness, stability and ease of maintenance.
Small volume, saving space, easy to move and flexible, suitable for all kinds of complicated working conditions.
The unique fixed way of screen which can replace the screen mesh quickly and conveniently.
Self-cleaning screen structure whicn can effectively prevent the mesh plug.
Linear Screen Technical Specifications
Model Screen dimension(mm) Material size(mm) Screen slope    ( ° ) Amplitude(mm) Layers Power(kw)
SZF520 500*2000 0.074-25 0-7 4-8 1-5 2*(0.4-0.75)
SZF525 500*2500 2*(0.4-0.75)
SZF530 500*3000 2*(0.75-1.1)
SZF535 500*3500 2*(0.75-1.1)
SZF1020 1000*2000 2*(0.75-1.5)
SZF1025 1000*2500 2*(1.1-1.5)
SZF1030 1000*3000 2*(1.5-1.8)
SZF1035 1000*3500 2*(1.5-2.2)
SZF1040 1000*4000 2*(1.5-2.2)
SZF1225 1200*2500 2*(1.5-2.2)
SZF1230 1200*3000 2*(1.8-3)
SZF1235 1200*3500 2*(1.8-3)
SZF1530 1500*3000 2*(2.2-3)
SZF1535 1500*3500 2*(2.2-3)
SZF1540 1500*4000 2*(2.2-4)

Selection instructions
Material to be processed:______                                                                Handling capacity:______t/h                     
Bulk Density: ______t/m3                                                                           Material temperature: ______℃;  
Material is corrosive or not: ______(Ps. Yes or No)                                    Max. granule size of the feeding material: ______mm          
Layer number: ______                                                                                Mesh size of each layer: ______mm                              
Particle distribution percentage:______
(please check the following example to help you undertand it.Supposing the layer number is 2 and the aperture size of each layer is 8 mm and 3 mm, then you will get 3 kinds of products: X,Y and Z. X≥8 mm; 3mm≤ Y < 8 mm; Z<3mm.
We want to confirm the following information:
1)The percentage of X in the whole material:______%;
2)The percentage of Y in the whole material:______%;
3)The percentage of Z in the whole material:______%;
Upstream equipment (Ps. It means what kind of equipment is used to feed the material):______
Downstream equipment (Ps. It means what kind of equipment is used to discharge the material): ______
Whether needing supporting equipment?______ (Ps. Yes or No)
Working power supply: ______V ______HZ                                                   Quantity:______
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