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Vibratory Separator

Vibratory separator is a high-precision fine powder screening machine with low noise and high efficiency. It takes 3-5 minutes to change the screen quickly. It is fully enclosed and suitable for screening and filtering of particles, powder and mucilage.
Vibratory Separator is made up of an upright motor as an excitation source. The upper and lower ends of the motor are equipped with an eccentric weight to convert the rotary motion of the motor into a horizontal, vertical, and inclined three-dimensional motion, and then transmit this motion to the screen surface. Adjusting the phase angle of the upper and lower ends can change the trajectory of the material on the screen surface.
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Vibratory separator for food industry
Vibratory separator for food industry
vibratory separator
Vibratory separator for Rubber powder industry
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vibratory separator


How it works
vibratory separator how it works

vibratory separator application
Food industry: Sugar powder, starch, salt, rice powder, milk powder, soy milk, egg powder, soy sauce, fruit juice, tea, beverage, dairy, candy, small food, frozen food, seasoning, protein, food additives, etc
Chemical industry: Resins, coatings, industrial chemicals, cosmetics, paints, etc.
Metallurgical powder industry: Aluminum powder, lead powder, copper powder, ore, alloy powder, electrode powder, manganese dioxide, electrolytic copper powder, electromagnetic material, abrasive powder, refractory material, kaolin, lime, alumina, heavy calcium carbonate, quartz sand, etc.
Other industry: Waste oil, wastewater, dyeing and finishing wastewater, paper making, additives, activated carbon, Chinese medicine powder, granule pills, pellets, etc.

Vibratory separator are used in a wide range of applications and not limited to the above industries. For the screening requirements of other materials, please contact the technical staff: tech@exctmach.com.

Configuration contrast
vibratory separator
Model A B C D E F H I
1 deck
2 deck
3 deck
XZ600 530 430 246 600 100 391 70 415 785 910 1040 0.25
XZ800 680 580 246 800 125 514 80 430 855 1005 1155 0.55
XZ1000 800 700 246 1000 150 615 95 430 865 1015 1065 1.1
XZ1200 975 855 400 1200 180 717 100 550 1020 1170 1320 1.1
XZ1500 1190 1050 400 1500 180 866 116 545 1090 1270 1440 1.5
XZ1800 1580 1440 400 1800 200 1070 150 675 1230 1400 1570 3
XZ2000 1800 1640 400 2000 200 1210 190 685 1280 1445 1615 3
Selection instructions
1.Which material to be screened:______
2.Handling capacity:______t/h.
3.Bulk Material Density: ______t/m3
4.Max. granule size of the material: ______mm
5.Layer number: ______.
6.Mesh size of each layer: ______mm
7.What equipment is used to feed the material into the vibratory separator:______
8.What equipment is used to discharge the material from the vibratory separator :______
9.Working power supply: ______V ______HZ
11.Does the vibratory separator work alone or with other equipment to form a system? If forming a system, do you have reliminary design or hand-drawn sketch? If have, please send it to our engineer for reference.
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