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PRESS RELEASE Feb 10, 2020
Everyone in EXCT returned to our posts and started working
PRESS RELEASE Jan 18, 2020
Chinese Spring Festival is coming
PRESS RELEASE Jan 11, 2020
The After-sales engineer to Vietnam
Everyone in EXCT returned to our posts and started working
As we know, due to the Spring Festival holiday and Wuhan pneumonia (NCP) influence, we stayed at home from 21st January to the end of the holiday yesterday. In this period of time, we may not be able to respond to your requirement in time,therefore, we are deeply sorry for this.
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spring festival
Chinese Spring Festival is coming
Chinese New Year is coming, this year, the development of Henan Excellent Machinary Co., Ltd cannot leave the support of customers, all this we are grateful. In the next following year, we will continue to provide our good quality products and high quality service to our customers.
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bucket elevator
The After-sales engineer to Vietnam
Last month, our after-sales engineer went to Vietnam to carry out the work of installation, commissioning ,training, equipment modification and on-site mapping. Henan Excellent Machinary Co., Ltd can provide satisfactory post-sale support for our customers, including to offer installation guideline and commissioning at site,supply the on-site-training about daily maintenance and security,take initiative to eliminate urgent troubles rapidly at site,and send engineers if needed.
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Vibratory separator
Netherlands Vibratory Separator was Sent to Detection Institution for Testing
Vibratory separator is a commonly material classification equipment with high efficiency and high screening accracy. Vibratory separator is suitable for all powders and granular materials, especially for materials which are difficult to sieve. Vibratory separator is one of the most popular and the most mature production technology products in our company. This paper mainly about our vibratory separator exported Netherlands customer to screening zeolite.
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Celebrating the 70 Anniversary of Founding of The Peoples Republic of China
Celebrating the 70 Anniversary of founding of The People's Republic of China
Today marks the 70th anniversary of China, today marks the 20th anniversary of EXCT. 70 years, great change has taken place in our country. These achievements are a result of the solidarity, diligence and courage of the Chinese people. 20 years, our company uphold the hard struggle, EXCT went from weakness to strengthen. We adhere to the service concept of “win-win cooperation, create more value for customers”, keep pace with the times, persist in innovation, respond to the call of government, and actively implement the " going global" strategy.
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Malaysia clients visited EXCT for Palm Fibre treatment system
Malaysia clients visited EXCT for Palm Fibre treatment system
Malaysia clients visited EXCT for Z type bucket elevator, vibratory separator, screw conveyor, and these devices are used for palm fibre treatment system.
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New Colleagues, New Beginning, New Journey
New Colleagues, New Beginning, New Journey
This article is mainly about the new colleagues of Henan Excellent Machinery Co.,Ltd. they has been visited our factory and understand our products.
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EXCT Announcement
The first quarter of 19 years has passed, In order to support customer’s work and achieve our company’s sales target for the second quarter, EXCT is willing to reduce profits to complete the relevant task.
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tomb sweeping day
Tomb Sweeping Day
this passage mainly introuduce the traditional festval in China--Tomb Sweeping Day. Tomb sweeping day has both natural and humanistic connotations, which are both natural and traditional festivals.
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women's day
Activity of Women’s Day and Arbor Day about EXCT
this article about the activity of Women's Day and Arbor Day about EXCT, mainly about the science, technology, green and humanities.
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belt conveyor
New Year, EXCT With a New Journey
New year, new journey! New year, new dream! With many orders at home and abroad, EXCT starts the New Year’s journey.
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belt sway switch
The Belt Sway Switch was Delivered to The United Arab Emirates
Last week,30 pieces belt sway switch offered by EXCT were delivered to The United Arab Emirates. These belt sway switches will be used for belt conveyor system in cement plant.
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conveyor idler
The Conveyor Idler Specimen Applied to Port Was Delivered to the Third-party Institution for Testing
This artical mainly about shipment. Last week, through logistics management specialists confirm with the third-party testing institution, these conveyor idlers applied to the dock finally be delivered to Singapore for the third-party testing.
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Russian Customers visited EXCT for Silica Sand Belt Conveyor System Inspect
Russian Customers visited EXCT for Silica Sand Belt Conveyor System Inspect
Russian customers who has been ordered two silica sand belt conveyors visited EXCT for inspection and acceptance.and they ordered the two belt conveyor are used for conveying silica sand the sales manager and quality control engineer give them a warm reception . With the company of sales manager and engineer they visit our factory.
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Dry Mix Mortar Production line
Vietnam dry mix mortar production line formally put into operation
Dry-mixed mortar plays a role in bonding, cushioning, protection and decoration in a thin layer in the construction industry, and is widely used in construction and decoration engineering.
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conveyor pulley
tail bend pulley used for belt conveyor is shipping to Vietnam
The function of the tail bend pulley is to change the direction of the belt, make the belt into a closed loop. As the tail bend pulley of the conveyor, it can produce 180° redirection. Also Increase the wrapping angle and friction between the belt and the pulley, to prevent the belt from slipping.
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Vibrating Feeder
Craftsman Quality - EXCT Vibrating Feeder
In the 21st century, the domestic vibration feeding technology can be said to be very mature. The vibrating feeders produced are comparable to those imported from abroad. Also the types of the vibrating feeders on the market are various. EXCT introduces new products, draws on the advantages of the previous generation of vibration feeding, and combines the actual production needs of customers to create a new generation of vibrating feeders.
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Vibratory Separator
Vibratory Separator is one of the machinery equipment, aims to improve the screening efficiency. According to the customer’s requirement, it can crush and screen the materials into different granularity products by applying the rotary and vibration operational mode
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The heavy apron feeder shipped to the Australia
The heavy apron feeder shipped to the Australia
The apron feeder is a kind of conveying material machine, which is used for continuously and evenly distributing and conveying materials in horizontal or inclined direction crushers, conveyors or other working machines. It is suitable for loose massive and large feeding processes in the production lines of large and medium-sized cement plants.
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Dewatering Screen
The Application of Dewatering Screen in the Tailings Handling system
The dewatering screen has many features like excellent performance, small occupied area, high automation, continuous operation, low investment in civil construction, low cost of slurry separation and treatment, low moisture, greater handling capacity, stability and reliability, simple operation and maintenance.
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Linear vibrating screen
Widely Application of EXCT Linear Vibration Screen
Linear vibrating screen, also known as square vibrating screen, which is used in all industries, such as food processing plant, feed production line and sand and stone production line. In addition to the relatively cheap price of linear vibrating screen, there are several reasons,like low energy consumption, low noise, long service and high screening accuracy, etc.
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Vibratory Separator
Well-performing Vibratory Separator for your routine task
:It is mainly applied to the high-precision screening production including screening powder and granule material to meet the production demands of chemical, medicine, food and other industries. EXCT is not just value the sales volume but more the user experience, so according to customers demands EXCT has developed many models and sizes.
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portable belt conveyor
The Introduction of Portable Belt Conveyor
No matter in the fields of heavy industrial production such as mine, metallurgy,construction, or in the light industry of food, medicine, textile and so on, the portable belt conveyor has become the favorite of industrial production by virtue of a series of advantages of short distance transportation.
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screw conveyor
The Installation and Maintenance of Screw Conveyor
crew conveyor is a conveying equipment for powdery, granular and small lumpy materials. Because all kinds of bearings work in dust, the screw conveyor under such working conditions needs to be installed reasonably and maintained regularly,so that the clients can get more benefits from it.
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Plenum Chamber
Plenum Chamber Automation Assembly Line - B1800 Air Supported Belt Conveyor
EXCT has designed and imported a international advanced technology to carry out the first domestic professional plenum chamber automatic production line, ensure the high-quality and reassuring air supported belt conveyor.
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