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PRESS RELEASE Nov 03, 2022
Philippine Customer Bucket Elevator Finished Production And Quality Inspection After The Smooth Delivery
PRESS RELEASE Sep 15, 2022
In the hot summer the production projects in the first half of the year ended perfectly
PRESS RELEASE Jun 21, 2022
Henan Excellent Machinery Co.,Ltd organized fire safety knowledge training lectures
grain bucket elevator
Philippine Customer Bucket Elevator Finished Production And Quality Inspection After The Smooth Delivery
MAG GRAIN GROUP in the Philippines is a professional food processing industry. The main objective is to be the ultimate solution provider of material handling solutions with a reputation for expertise, quality and efficiency in products and services. They needed to increase production and scale, so they found our company through the Internet search engine google.
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In the hot summer the production projects in the first half of the year ended perfectly
In the hot summer the production projects in the first half of the year ended perfectly
Since July, the high temperature in the northern region has been continuously breaking records. Our factory has strengthened production management, improved workshop environment by adding high-power air conditioning fans in the workshop, and improved workers' working comfort. Our workshop has been working overtime and in full swing, and recently our major projects have entered the final stage.
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Henan Excellent Machinery Co.,Ltd organized fire safety knowledge training lectures
Henan Excellent Machinery Co.,Ltd organized fire safety knowledge training lectures
Henan Excellent Machinery Co.,Ltd is a supplier of bulk material handling and crushing and screening equipment.  We produce belt Conveyor, bucket elevator, apron feeder, Vibraitng Screen, Banana Screen, feeder breaker,  Mineral sizers, and spare parts for these products.  We are highly concerned about fire prevention and staff life fire safety.  We regularly and actively organize all kinds of fire lectures and fire knowledge competition activities.
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apron feeder
New Year, New Departure, New Orders To The New Year
March is already underway in 2022. In the turbulent world, the whole company of Henan Excellent Machinery Co., Ltd seized the opportunity of the improvement of the global epidemic prevention to increase investment in promotion and business, not only in the promotion of additional investment but also for the whole company's sales staff knowledge point training taking this opportunity to develop the internal driving force of the company. Under the joint efforts of leaders and employees, there came many deals. Let me share with you a recent order from Colombia.
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apron feeder
By The End Of 2021, Our Company Will Have Achieved Another Great Performance
In less than two months, we will usher in 2022. By the end of October, 2021, we’ve worked together to achieve and exceed the 2021 Targets. More importantly, though it is approaching the end of the year, we’re still constantly receiving new inquiries which heralds we will have a better development in 2022. This year, in many successful customer cases, we pick one of our successful examples to share with you all.
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Bucket Elevator
The Foreign Trade Industry is still in the Grip of the Pandemic Crisis while HENAN EXCELLENT MACHINERY CO., LTD Is Again Delivering Good for Singapore Customers
The foreign trade industry is still in the grip of the pandemic crisis. Financial restructuring, government handouts, bankruptcies, and lay-offs in all sorts of areas are in the news. Many airlines, hotels, liner operators, foreign trade companies, and leasing companies are struggling with crisis management. Although the management of foreign trade enterprises is struggling to make key decisions to deal with the epidemic crisis, the industry leaders still need to plan the recovery plan as soon as possible. All these events have seriously affected the ability of the foreign trade industry to pr
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Sizers crusher
Exct Has Won Recognition for Its Coal Mine Crushing Solution with Sizers Crusher
Since 2020, COVID-19 has been raging around the world, which has affected the global economy to varying degrees. Under such an environment, all Chinese people, under the leadership of the Chinese government, have made concerted efforts to bring the epidemic under control in China. The cities have resumed production while the people have resumed their work one after another. The production of enterprises and people's lives are also recovering in an orderly way. In this environment, HENAN EXCELLENT MACHINERY CO., LTD continues to provide customers with quality products and services. HENAN EXCEL
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EXCT usher in a concentrated delivery season
Epidemic abuse economic downturn EXCT usher in a concentrated delivery season
At the beginning of 2020, global COVID - 19, hit the global economy, that is inherently unstable international market demand more depressed, but EXCT under the correct leadership of the government, take many positive and flexible measures to adapt to the change of the market, to overcome the negative effects of disease, in a very serious situation, Obtained order from a number of countries.
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EXCT Wish you a happy chinese mid-autumn and national day
EXCT Wish you a happy chinese mid-autumn and national day
The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the festival of sacrifice, yuexi, Yuexi, Autumn festival, Zhongqiu Festival, worship on the month, the month Niang Festival, the moon Festival, reunion Festival, etc., is a traditional Chinese folk festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival originated from the worship of celestial phenomena and evolved from the ancient qiusei festival. At first, the festival was held on the autumnal Equinox, the 24 solar terms of the Chinese calendar. Later, it was moved to the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunar calendar. In some places, the Mid-Autumn Festival was hel
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Belt Weigh Feeders
Renewed strength in the international market, 12 belt weigh feeder of EXCT are exported to Sri Lanka
In April this year, Henan Excellent Machinery Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred as EXCT) International Trade Department have received the purchase demand for 12 belt weigh feeders from a cement factory in Sri Lanka.
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conveyor idler
The conveyor roller order from African customers
The role of the conveyor roller is to support the conveyor belt and material weight. Conveyor roller operation must be flexible and reliable. Reducing the friction between the conveyor belt and the supporting roller plays a key role in the life of the conveyor belt, which accounts for more than 25% of the total cost of the conveyor. Although the conveyor roller is a small part in the belt conveyor and its structure is not complicated, it is not easy to make a high quality idler.
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belt conveyor manufacturer
EXCT's responsibility and actions during the COVID-19
EXCT has been earnestly implementing the decision and deployment of epidemic prevention and control, focusing on the prevention and control of the epidemic and resuming work and production to achieve double success.
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Everyone in EXCT returned to our posts and started working
As we know, due to the Spring Festival holiday and Wuhan pneumonia (NCP) influence, we stayed at home from 21st January to the end of the holiday yesterday. In this period of time, we may not be able to respond to your requirement in time,therefore, we are deeply sorry for this.
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spring festival
Chinese Spring Festival is coming
Chinese New Year is coming, this year, the development of Henan Excellent Machinary Co., Ltd cannot leave the support of customers, all this we are grateful. In the next following year, we will continue to provide our good quality products and high quality service to our customers.
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bucket elevator
The After-sales engineer to Vietnam
Last month, our after-sales engineer went to Vietnam to carry out the work of installation, commissioning ,training, equipment modification and on-site mapping. Henan Excellent Machinary Co., Ltd can provide satisfactory post-sale support for our customers, including to offer installation guideline and commissioning at site,supply the on-site-training about daily maintenance and security,take initiative to eliminate urgent troubles rapidly at site,and send engineers if needed.
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Vibratory separator
Netherlands Vibratory Separator was Sent to Detection Institution for Testing
Vibratory separator is a commonly material classification equipment with high efficiency and high screening accracy. Vibratory separator is suitable for all powders and granular materials, especially for materials which are difficult to sieve. Vibratory separator is one of the most popular and the most mature production technology products in our company. This paper mainly about our vibratory separator exported Netherlands customer to screening zeolite.
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Celebrating the 70 Anniversary of Founding of The Peoples Republic of China
Celebrating the 70 Anniversary of founding of The People's Republic of China
Today marks the 70th anniversary of China, today marks the 20th anniversary of EXCT. 70 years, great change has taken place in our country. These achievements are a result of the solidarity, diligence and courage of the Chinese people. 20 years, our company uphold the hard struggle, EXCT went from weakness to strengthen. We adhere to the service concept of “win-win cooperation, create more value for customers”, keep pace with the times, persist in innovation, respond to the call of government, and actively implement the " going global" strategy.
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Malaysia clients visited EXCT for Palm Fibre treatment system
Malaysia clients visited EXCT for Palm Fibre treatment system
Malaysia clients visited EXCT for Z type bucket elevator, vibratory separator, screw conveyor, and these devices are used for palm fibre treatment system.
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New Colleagues, New Beginning, New Journey
New Colleagues, New Beginning, New Journey
This article is mainly about the new colleagues of Henan Excellent Machinery Co.,Ltd. they has been visited our factory and understand our products.
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EXCT Announcement
The first quarter of 19 years has passed, In order to support customer’s work and achieve our company’s sales target for the second quarter, EXCT is willing to reduce profits to complete the relevant task.
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tomb sweeping day
Tomb Sweeping Day
this passage mainly introuduce the traditional festval in China--Tomb Sweeping Day. Tomb sweeping day has both natural and humanistic connotations, which are both natural and traditional festivals.
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women's day
Activity of Women’s Day and Arbor Day about EXCT
this article about the activity of Women's Day and Arbor Day about EXCT, mainly about the science, technology, green and humanities.
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belt conveyor
New Year, EXCT With a New Journey
New year, new journey! New year, new dream! With many orders at home and abroad, EXCT starts the New Year’s journey.
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belt sway switch
The Belt Sway Switch was Delivered to The United Arab Emirates
Last week,30 pieces belt sway switch offered by EXCT were delivered to The United Arab Emirates. These belt sway switches will be used for belt conveyor system in cement plant.
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conveyor idler
The Conveyor Idler Specimen Applied to Port Was Delivered to the Third-party Institution for Testing
This artical mainly about shipment. Last week, through logistics management specialists confirm with the third-party testing institution, these conveyor idlers applied to the dock finally be delivered to Singapore for the third-party testing.
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