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Time:Dec 25th, 2023

Russian Apron Feeder Customer Technical Engineer Visit Inspection Completed

The two apron feeder ordered by Russian AK customers from our company have been completed in production on December 15 this year, and passed our company's various quality tests, as well as 48-hour no-load test and simulated loading operation.
The apron feeder we produce for our Russian customers is used to handle kimberlite ore, with a capacity of 1000t/h, a length of 7.0m and a width of 1.8m. We gave the customer the choice of cat chain and sprocket gear ring, Shantui support roller and return roller.
apron feeder inspection
Our Russian customer visited our company on December 22, 2023 and conducted quality tests on the two apron feeders they purchased, including paint film thickness, appearance, size, vibration, noise, etc. Mr. He, our project manager, accompanied the whole process. After many tests and measurements, our products fully meet customer needs, and all quality inspection indicators are perfect. The customer is very satisfied with our products and hopes that we can arrange delivery as soon as possible.
The two apron feeders we produce for our customers are our premium products, including shaft temperature sensor, speed sensor, pull up safety switch, remote diagnosis and remote maintenance operations. This is our customized apron feeder combined with the Internet of Things. Our purchased parts all adopt international brands, SEW reducer, Siemens motor and international well-known brands roller and sprocket products, we attach great importance to our product quality and service, in each link of production have carried out the corresponding product quality testing and the whole process of production progress tracking for customers. To ensure that the quality of our products meets the needs of customers.
We are a professional crushing and screening and bulk material handling equipment. Our apron feeder has a large market share in the world, and our products are exported to Mexico, Vietnam, Malaysia, Russia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Colombia, Uganda and other countries. Our products have not had any downtime caused by quality problems from the hands of customers so far, and have won unanimous praise from customers.
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