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Time:Dec 19th, 2023

The Production Of Two Apron Feeder Units For Russian Customers Has Been Completed And The Delivery Conditions Are Available

Russian A·K company visited our company in June 2023 and visited our apron feeder, feeder breaker, mineral sizes and other products. They are a local engineering trading company in Russia, operating in the design coal, mining and other industries. They can account for about 20% of the Russian coal sector, but also have a significant market share in countries other than Russia, their projects involve Germany, Britain, Australia, South Africa, Mongolia, and other countries.
After inspecting our company, they were very satisfied with our products. After several rounds of communication, their customers were very interested in our company's apron feeder. After many times of quotation and technical communication, two heavy duty apron feeders were ordered in September 2023 for the feeding of kimberlite ore. Its processing capacity is 1000t/h, Bulk density: 1.63 ~ 2.0t/m³, apron feeder length is 7000mm, Chain speed: 0.02 ~ 0.17m/s, width is 1800mm.
Russia apron feeder deliver
Our company attaches great importance to the customer's order this time, which is the first order of cooperation between us. Our company has set up a project leading team to make a full track of the whole process from raw material entry to machining and the subsequent production process and assembly test machine, and our company has special merchandiser and quality inspection personnel to control product quality and production progress at all times. Regular return visits and follow-up to our customers, so that customers can grasp the production progress of products.
In order to ensure the quality of apron feeder, we designed the casting plate for the customer, which not only improves the production accuracy, but also improves the impact resistance and wear resistance. We choose the chain of the world-famous brand cat and the detachable sprocket of Mountain push. Help improve the convenience of disassembly and later maintenance.
Our production of the frame has always been adhering to the limited quality, taking into account the efficiency of the production method, the production process of machined products, the selection of high-quality steel, after high temperature annealing treatment, reduce its hardness, so that when subjected to similar external forces, can better resist fracture and fatigue, showing higher toughness and plasticity.
After more than two months of intensive production, the production of heavy-duty apron feeder for our customers has been completed and is ready for delivery. We will complete the dismantling and delivery in the near future.
We are a professional crushing and screening and bulk material conveying as one of the EPC project contractor companies, we can provide you with a full range of from design to production, installation and commissioning and later project management and mining operation and after-sales service and other tools. We warmly welcome your arrival.
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