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Time:Nov 28th, 2023

Indonesia Coal Roller Screen Completed Production And Packaging Deliver

Indonesia coal Mining Company ordered two coal roller screen and two mineral sizers from our company in September 2023. As our old customers, we attach great importance to the cooperation with them. We always attach great importance to the quality of our products and services. In the early stage, we communicated for many times and sent our technical engineering team to the customer site in Jakarta, Indonesia for mapping and investigation. After coming back, we organized relevant personnel to carry out project discussions for many times, and held video conferences with our customers to discuss technical solutions and modify technical solutions. Finally, the customers recognized our design solutions and placed orders with us.
coal roller screen in coal mine
Customers demand production line processing capacity of 3000t/h, mainly for raw coal crushing and screening equipment to place purchase orders to us. Because we need to cooperate with other companies' production lines, we have communicated with customers many times and invited them to our company for an interview. We offer our customers a two-line production consisting of two coal roller screen and two mineral sizers.
mineral sizers deliver
We always insist that quality is the first, from the raw material to the purchase of related auxiliary machinery are careful, many times to carry out product quality testing, and always control the production link, for raw material cutting, machining, product finishing and subsequent assembly and spraying and other links, we send professionals to carry out quality testing, in strict accordance with international standards and our factory standards. 48-hour no-load test and load operation of the product to ensure that our products meet the needs of customers. After more than two months of production, our products have been completed and packaged for delivery. We are looking for reliable logistics partners and freight forwarding companies to cooperate with, so as to ensure that our products can safely arrive at the customer site.
We are a professional crushing and screening and bulk material conveying equipment EPC project contractor company, we have a strong technical team and advanced processing equipment and strict quality management system and perfect after-sales service system. So as to ensure that our products can stand in the world famous brand forest. We look forward to working with you.
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