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Time:Nov 7th, 2023

The Production Of Two Mineral Sizers In No.4 Pit Of Inner Mongolia Open Pit Coal Mine Is Completed And Ready For Deliver

Jungar Banner in the eastern part of Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has 54.4 billion tons of proven coal reserves and 100 billion tons of prospective reserves, with simple geological structure, shallow burial, thick coal beds, low gas, easy to mine, and the calorific value is over 6,000 kcal/kg, which is a high-quality coal for power and chemical industry. Bauxite reserves of 100 million tons, the ore layer is stable, the grade shows the characteristics of aluminum high silicon low; in addition, kaolin, sulfurous iron ore, dolomite, quartz sand reserves are also large, especially the reserves of coalbed methane is considerable.
mineral sizers for coal
Jungar Banner OPEN PIT COAL MINE has newly developed 4 good coal pits because of its increased mining efforts to enhance coal production. The open tender was issued in June 2023, which requires mineral sizers, feeder breaker, belt conveyor, apron feeder and other equipments to crush and screen the raw coal. After our engineers' careful design and quotation, our company was finally awarded the tender for the mineral sizers for the crushing part of the coal mine. After we won the bid in September this year, we started to step up production, carried out raw material procurement, technical program refinement, and other suppliers and manufacturers to contact the procurement of motors, gearboxes, tooth plate and other spare parts, began to step up production, our company takes into account the low-temperature environment in Inner Mongolia, pay special attention to the thermal insulation of the motor and the tooth plate of the antifreeze performance to ensure that our mineral sizers to meet the needs of our customers. We start from the raw materials into the factory to carry out product quality testing, and then raw materials, assembly, welding, painting and other steps all real-time dynamic tracking and product quality inspection, so as to ensure that our products every step of the way in line with customer demand. After nearly two months of intense production, our products finally meet the customer's needs, complete the factory before the 48 hours of no-load test machine and loaded with material running, all can meet the customer's needs in today's shipment arrangements.
mineral sizers for coal mine
We have welded and bolted the frame of the mineral sizers to ensure that our products can arrive at the customer's site safely, and we will arrange our after-sales service engineering team to follow our mineral sizers to the customer's site to provide customers with on-site installation guidance, debugging, training, and other services to ensure that our products can operate normally. We are a professional crushing and screening company.
We are a professional turnkey crushing, screening and bulk material handling equipment engineering company, committed to providing customers with a full range of solutions. Our team designs and produces the products carefully to ensure that they meet customers' needs, and we also provide after-sales service, including on-site installation guidance, commissioning and training. We are looking forward to cooperating with you and promoting development together. If you have any further questions or needs, please feel free to contact us.
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