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Time:Apr 15th, 2024

The Production Of Heavy-Duty Feeder Breaker In Xinjiang Hami Open-Pit Coal Mine Was Completed And Delivered On Schedule

Xinjiang Hami Opencast Coal Mine Phase 4 project in January 2024 open tender feeder breaker for supporting opencast coal mine crushing station project. The tender requirements are that production must be completed and delivered by late April 2024. Our company by providing excellent quality of Xinjiang project cases and detailed technical design, as well as competitive market prices, beat domestic and foreign customers, won the tender.
coal feeder breaker in xinjiang open pit coal mine
For this reason, our company set up a special project team, went to Xinjiang to survey and communicate with Party A about the technical design plan, combined with the local climate, water temperature, geology and other factors, and completed the preliminary work of the project. In response to Party A's requirement of increasing output and saving cost, our company provided a comprehensive crusher with dynamic and dynamic pre-screening function for a period of time. Add screening seal strips and screen shaft to the conveying part of the original feeder breaker, which effectively increased the handling capacity, reduced excessive crushing and secondary screening, reduced powder formation rate and improved product quality.
crusher unit for feeder braker
Our company pays special attention to product quality. Our quality inspection team repeatedly confirms the hardness and size of steel plates, bearings and steel pipes from the beginning of raw materials' entry, so as to ensure the quality of our products. In the process of assembling our products, we tested our feeder breaker for dimensions, noise, shaft temperature, paint film thickness, vibration and other items, and finally ensured that our tests were in line with our national standard, factory standard and other standards. After our 48-hour no-load test, We will deliver the goods on April 15, 2024. We will continue to pay attention to the progress of this feeder breaker in the later stage. When our goods arrive at the customer site, we will send our after-sales service team in Xinjiang to guide the installation, equipment debugging, training and a series of services. Ensure the stable operation of our feeder breaker.
We are a professional supplier of crushing, screening and bulk material handling equipment, we have an experienced design team, advanced processing equipment, perfect after-sales service team, with 93% of the domestic market share and 60+ customer choice. We look forward to working with you.
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