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Time:Mar 15th, 2024

Chifeng Large Open Pit Coal Mine Banana Screen Production Completed Delivery

Chifeng large open pit coal mine in Inner Mongolia is a super large state-owned open pit coal mine, mainly producing lignite, with five major pits. Currently, we have purchased more than 200 sets of equipment from us. Recently, we have completed banana screen production of the fifth pit screening and crushing project, and will soon be delivered.
coal banana screen
Chifeng open-pit Coal Mine in Inner Mongolia is currently engaged in the upgrading and upgrading of sifting and crushing project in Pit No. 5. Previously, the client uses inclined screen, because its upgrading and upgrading capacity cannot meet the client's demand, so through open bidding, Our company with excellent product quality and strong production capacity as well as perfect after-sales service and strict product quality management won the tender. We finally stood out from more than 30 excellent foreign manufacturers. We choose BMVS4361 type banana screen for customers, its processing capacity can reach 1300tph, double layer banana screen. The size of the screen hole reaches 50mm, the feeding particle size reaches 200mm through secondar sizer, the motor power is 75KW, the size of the screen surface reaches 26.23m2, the polyurethane screen plate is installed and the rod is installed through the annealing furnace to remove the hard force and ensure its durability and wear resistance. The whole shell is riveted by bolts to prevent the cracking of the screen body caused by resonance.
After more than a month of intensified production, we have completed the production of banana screen for customers, quality inspection and third-party inspection designated by customers, and reached the delivery conditions. We have conducted 48-hour no-load test and simulated load operation for customers, which have reached the processing capacity and screening accuracy required by customers. Our shaft temperature test is below 45°C, paint film thickness and current and voltage are up to standard, noise is also below 75 decibels, all quality inspection projects meet customer needs.
We have arranged the delivery of banana screen today. After arriving at the customer's site, we will arrange after-sales technical engineers to conduct installation guidance and basic operation skills training on the project site. In the later stage, we will also track the customer from time to time and maintain our equipment.
We are a professional crushing and screening and bulk material handling equipment supplier, we have 1000+ professional tooling equipment and 660+ skilled technical workers, with 200+ technical engineers to provide you with technical support. We look forward to working with you.
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