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Time:Feb 19th, 2024

3000tph Feeder Breaker In Xinjiang Hami Drain Tian Coal Mine Was Completed And Delivered

The 3,000-ton surface production system of Guanghui Baishi Lake open-pit mine in Hami, Xinjiang has been completed. It is located in Numao Lake Town, Yiwu County, Hami, Xinjiang. It is a strategic cooperative relationship between us and Guanghui Company, and we provide feeder breaker equipment for a term.
feeder breaker deliver to xinjiang
The Feeder breaker can handle up to 3000tph and is mainly used for primary crushing of raw coal in its production line. It is fed directly by trucks or loaders, and secondarymineral sizers are connected downstream to carry out secondary crushing of coal in light rain of 300mm. Then it is transported to the screening building by belt conveyor, which is screened by roller screen and crushed for three times. Then it is transported to the inclined screen by belt conveyor for screening and then to the distribution irrigation for loading and distributing finished coal.
Feeder breaker we produce is a collection of receiving, screening, crushing, conveying and other process equipment as a whole. Through the optimization of the process flow, it has excellent crushing operation performance in open pit mining. It can be combined into a powerful crushing operation line through the combination of different models to complete multi-demand processing operations. Its advanced design, excellent performance, high production efficiency, easy to use and maintenance, economic operating costs, stable and reliable work.
It has the following advantages:
1,Feeder breaker is divided into conveying device and crushing device, which is divided into scraper conveying type and heavy plate conveying type;
Feeder breaker set receiving, crushing, conveying and other process equipment as a whole, through the optimization of the process flow so that it has excellent open-pit mining crushing performance, through the combination of different models, combined into a powerful crushing line, to complete the multi-demand processing operations. It is an indispensable and important equipment for large semi-mobile feeder breaker.
3. Continuous feeder breaker products are light in weight and small in size, especially suitable for working in narrow Spaces:
Feeder breaker: First feed, break and then discharge the material on the same level to form a continuous horizontal material flow breaking. The entire crushing system adopts a single direction of material flow without changing the direction of material flow, forming a compact and high-yield production system.
5. The feeder breaker has the advantages of adjustable particle size and crushing ratio, compact structure, smooth operation, low cost, low noise, easy installation and commissioning, high mobility and no requirement of civil steel structure.
6.feeder breaker breaks the material directly from the receiving area or the conveying device sends the material from the receiving hopper to the feeder breaker;
The core components of the system are all international & domestic well-known brands to ensure the high reliability of the system operation.
8 Equipped with perfect electrical system and monitoring system (infrared camera, can be used in night vision conditions), remote centralized operation and monitoring.
The feeder breaker adopts single-shaft toothed roller crusher as the crushing unit, which is driven by planetary toothed link, and the lower part is carried out by chain conveyor. After our factory has tested the quality of the shaft temperature, noise, current and voltage, paint and so on, and the operation has been stable for 48 hours without load, we have delivered it. Later, we will carry out debugging and operation and maintenance management after our on-site installation is completed, and finally deliver it to the customer.
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