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Time:Nov 3rd, 2022

Philippine Customer Bucket Elevator Finished Production And Quality Inspection After The Smooth Delivery

MAG GRAIN GROUP in the Philippines is a professional food processing industry. The main objective is to be the ultimate solution provider of material handling solutions with a reputation for expertise, quality and efficiency in products and services. They needed to increase production and scale, so they found our company through the Internet search engine google. They need four bucket elevator this time to expand capacity.
grain bucket elevator no-load test
Our sales project will hold a project seminar immediately after receiving the inquiry. The project manager will take the lead, and the technical staff, production staff, quality inspection staff and after-sales staff will participate in many special seminars. During this period, we will hold many technical seminars through the team of Astarte of MAG GRAIN GROUP to analyze and discuss the customer's technical problems. We also invite our technical department staff to answer questions about Astarte's technical problems, and then we will launch our professional technical design scheme according to customer needs. The four bucket elevators we designed for our customers are all TD type belt bucket elevator, their lifting height is 20m, their handling capacity is 6t/h, and their hopper volume is 0.0055m3. The reducer model number is BWD1-23-1.5KW. The belt is used as the traction member. After the customer general contractor, the end customers and other multiple arguments approved our technical scheme.
After the technical solution was approved, our sales engineer and our quality inspection team held several follow-up project seminars with the other company to discuss the material requirements of the bucket elevator, as well as the product quality inspection scheme and requirements before and after the production. And agreed to the bucket elevator quality inspection scheme we proposed.
bucket elevator
After the project was confirmed, we found that the period of fake goods required by customers was very short and the quality requirements of products were very high. Therefore, we coordinated the factory to focus on the advantages of rapid production for customers. We formulated the quality inspection while production, and gave priority to the quality inspection of this batch of products. We also invite our publicity department to actively track and shoot the production progress and product quality inspection process videos and pictures to save and distribute to our customers. We installed high-definition cameras to remotely broadcast the production progress and production report to customers. Keep good records.
After nearly 20 days of urgent production. We finally finished the production of the project, and the bucket elevator we produced completely met the customer's needs. And recently completed the delivery.
belt bucket elevator deliver
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